News from 11/16/2004 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
Real and О BI come to St. Petersburg in обнимку
The German networks are interested in the large areas.
SPb. Two trading networks new to St. Petersburg - OBI and Real - intend to leave on the market for 2006.
Гипермаркет Real and shop of the goods for house OBI, working in format DIY (" make itself "), negotiate with company VINCI Construction Grand Project and Open Company " macrocosm " for opening of the shops in builded trading complexes. Agreements on intentions of opening гипермаркетов Real and OBI in a trading complex "Peter Raduga" (the former name - "Space") which is built by French company VINCI Construction Grand Project near to СКК "Petersburg" are made. From 75 thousand m2 of future complex Real applies to borrow(occupy) 17 thousand m2, a OBI - 18 thousand m2. Network Real - division of German holding METRO which also builds the same shops in St. Petersburg. Network OBI develops in Russia on франчайзингу and is submitted by two shops in capital.
There Is an opinion.
Hope Горячева, the chief of a department of marketing of Open Company " Стройбаза " Rybinsk ":
" OBI - player very strong and potentially dangerous to the market. His(its) arrival to St. Petersburg will urge on a competition and will force local players to operate more actively. OBI hardly will open more than four shops. The local companies and without this network continue to extend ".
Source of the information: Business St. Petersburg, 11.11.04