News from 11/16/2004 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
Moscow laminates the Petersburg floors
Moscow Open Company " С.Т.К ". Build - city ", specializing on deliveries ламината to Russia, were opened by the representation in St. Petersburg.
Specially for this purpose it is formed by Open Company " build - city ". Investments in the project have made $300 thousand. The warehouse and office the general(common) area of 1600 m2 have settled down on Ivan Black's street.
The Company being the dealer more of 10 manufacturers ламината from Russia, Europe, USA, plans to finish the share on sales of this material in region up to 35 %.
The Sexual attribute.
St. Petersburg - the fourth city after Moscow, Stavropol and Saratov where the company has opened the centre of sales.
" In St. Petersburg the market ламината has not developed yet, - the general director of Open Company " build - city " Nikolay Alimov considers. - For many city suppliers of finishing materials ламинат is the minor goods as the prevailing place among floor coverings is borrowed(occupied) with linoleum and carpet coverings. But in Northwest it is possible to sell up to 1 million m2 ламината per one year ". For 2003 volumes of realization ламината " С.Т.К. Build - city " in Russia have made 82 million.
Vigorous rate.
According to a management(manual) " Build City ", rates of sales ламината in Russia are annually increased by 20-30 %. About 15 million m2 of this material it is planned to sell in Russia in 2004.
ламината in Northwest region Open Company " Стройбаза " Rybinsk ", Open Company " house - Лаверна ", Open Company " Текс " and others are engaged in Deliveries and sale also.

Source of the information: Business St. Petersburg, 11.11.04