News from 12/16/2004 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
Cанкт-St. Petersburg. In one year all промзоны St. Petersburg инвентаризуют
Inventory of all industrial zones of St. Petersburg will be carried out(spent) within 2005, - the appropriate decision was accepted at session of the city government. As has informed the governor of St. Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko, necessity of realization of inventory and specification of borders промзон cities has arisen after attraction of investors to St. Petersburg actively began to develop. It was found out, that the city does not own the information about промзонах, and documents on which their presence(finding) was verified, have become outdated: sites appeared or already built up, or settled down in other borders.
Except for inventory the program provides development промзон and reorganization of their structure. So, by 2015 three times should decrease territories of industrial zones in city centre - with 715 га (6 percents of all промзон cities) up to 215 га (2 percents). Thus it is planned to develop the industry in peripheral zones and in zone КАД - with 10 672 га (60 percents of all промзон) up to 11 672 га (68 percents).
Preparation of an infrastructure will be carried out(spent) due to means of the budget. So, in 2004 it was already allocated 112 million roubles on development of territory Нойдорфа in Стрельне. In 2005 it is planned to allocate 300 million roubles on preparation of an infrastructure in Металлострое-2, in Horse Лахте, in Предпортовой-3 and in Шушарах-2. The report on realization of inventory should be ready to December, 1, 2005.
Source of the information: REGIONS.RU, 14.12.04