News from 03/10/2006 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
The Moscow furniture has reached St. Petersburg.
In March the Moscow производственно-trading company " Юнитекс " has opened in St. Petersburg the official representation and doors of the first interior in city of office furniture "Юнитекс".
The Company specializes on manufacture office and upholstered furniture and works in the market 14 years. Today "Юнитекс" enters into number of leaders in the segment. Its(her) network totals seven interiors and the centres of office furniture in Moscow and five in regions.
Actually, and in St. Petersburg "Юнитекс" not the beginner - about 10 years the company worked on ours нке through a dealer network, but official representation has opened only this year (dealer network "Юнитекс" totals 400 representatives in 80 cities of Russia). This cooperation has allowed the company to study the market of St. Petersburg, need(requirement), tastes and opportunities of buyers of office furniture.
Today "Юнитекс" it is ready to make a competition to conducting players of the market of office furniture of St. Petersburg. It is necessary to hope, that the healthy competition will be of use for buyers only.

Source of the information: City, 06.03.06