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Advertising drive from the centre
ST.-PETERSBURG - the Petersburg administration, two years back forbidden advertising перетяжки above the Neva prospectus, now in general wants to close the historical centre for "наружки". Participants of the market are indignant, you see advertising in the centre is very important for their clients.
According to research company " Эспар-Аналитик ", the volume of the market of the outdoor advertising in St. Petersburg has made in 2005 125 million, including advertising on transport and in the underground. In the Central area it is established about 2850 advertising parties(sides), in Admiralty - 1250 parties(sides), in Petrograd - 1100 parties(sides), and in Василеостровском - 1000 parties(sides). In total in St. Petersburg 15 000-60 000 parties(sides). According to the City centre of accommodation of advertising (ГЦРР), on the central areas of St. Petersburg - Central, Admiralty, Василеостровский and Petrograd - it is necessary about 40 % of prisoners with ГЦРР contracts.
The Petersburg administration not for the first time tries to clear city centre of advertising. In the beginning of 2004 the government of Northern capital the special decision has removed(taken off) перетяжки above the Neva prospectus - they blocked a kind on the main street of city. And on Friday the chairman of Committee on a seal and interaction from MASS-MEDIA of St. Petersburg Alla Manilova has told about the preparing decision which should lower quantity(amount) рекламоносителей in the historical centre. The project of the decision will be brought on consideration of the government in III quarter 2006 " First of all reduction will touch the main streets of city, like Neva, Moscow and Каменноостровского prospectuses ", - speaks Манилова.
New contracts on accommodation рекламоносителей in city centre will not consist any more, the official asserts(approves). As she said, крупноформатные carriers and boards 3? 6 m will clean(remove) from the central part of St. Petersburg in process of cancellation of contracts. Манилова has not excluded, what (the territory limited to the Neva prospectus, quay Fontanki and Neva) will leave " a gold triangle " all designs, even пиллары (tripartite curbstones) and boards of a city - format (1,2? 1,8 м).
And director ГЦРР Alexander Kadyrov has specified, that restrictions mentions the lines of the first category most loaded by movement, even located far from the centre. For example, Pulkovskoe highway. But action of old contracts will be prolonged for them, the official promises. On lines of the first category it is necessary up to 25 % of the Petersburg market наружки. It(he) has not excluded possible(probable) indemnification, however on its(her) detail and the circuit did not begin to make comments.
In territories in the central areas which are not belonging to city, advertisement makers can place крупноформатные рекламоносители. By estimation Кадырова, they borrow(occupy) up to 10 % of the market. However the city can limit their installation, refusing in distribution architectural - планировочных tasks (АПЗ) necessary for accommodation of designs.
Advertisement makers are indignant of new attack on the market. The general director of agency TGMedia Sergey Sominsky speaks, that any serious campaign does not do without attraction крупноформатных carriers in the central streets like Moscow and Каменноостровского prospectuses. On the central highways it is concentrated, by his(its) estimation, up to 20 % of the advertising market.
" To reduce quantity(amount) of carriers in the centre all the same that is appreciable to cut down advertising minutes at the prime time on TV. The market and so was enough зарегулирован, and in some central streets even крупноформатные carriers are looked organically ", - the general director of agency " Rouen " Igor Ananskih considers.
And one more advertisement maker asserts(approves), that significant reduction of carriers in city centre can " give up as a bad job his(its) company ", 90 which % of carriers is located in the centre. From such reduction it(he) estimates annual losses of the company in 4 million.
However large participants of the market not so are anxious with the initiative of administration. " If instead of a board on Каменноостровском the prospectus will offer some boards on departures city or at new stations of the underground, we shall not be against. The main thing that reduction of carriers in the centre has touched all and did not serve as the tool передела the market ", - the sales manager of company " Постер " Nikolay Cherepennikov speaks.
The general Director of the leader of the Russian market наружки News Outdoor Sergey Zheleznjak speaks, that reduction will occur gradually and advertisement makers have time to it(him) to be prepared. They can to change old designs for the hi-tech carriers showing of a little bit(some) images, for example.

Source of the information: Sheets, 17.04.06