News from 04/18/2006 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
On St.-Petersburg release of a commodity cardboard is increased
For the first quarter 2006 on Open Society " St.-Petersburg -polygraphic combine ", included in timber industry corporation " ", it was issued 60,6 thousand tons of a total cardboard, including 50,6 thousand tons commodity.
As inform in the press-service of corporation, manufacture of a commodity cardboard in comparison with the similar period of the last year has increased on 1,6 thousand tons (+3 %).
Including it was issued a commodity cardboard: - 7,6 thousand tons (a gain on 0,9 thousand tons or on 13 %); - 12,3 thousand tons (growth has made 0,3 thousand tons or 2,5 %); facing - 28,3 thousand tons (is higher 2,2 thousand tons or 8 %); match - 1,9 thousand tons (a gain on 0,1 thousand tons or 6 %); a cardboard for flat layers - 0,5 thousand tons (is lower than a level of the last year in connection with decrease(reduction) of volume of applications for manufacture).
Change of structure of orders for the similar period of the last year is connected to performance of the plan of sales of Joint-Stock Company " " and the enterprises of group " ".
Release of polygraphic production for the first quarter 2006 has made 6 thousand tons (at a level of the last year).
For 3 months 2006 it was made 18,1 million pieces of disposable plates (on 17 % below a level of 2005 in connection with repair of the equipment).
Joint-Stock Company " " (Saint Petersburg) is registered April, 30, 1992. The corporation enters in ten world(global) companies on a level of production of commodity cellulose, borrows(occupies) 6 place in the world on the rented wood areas and volumes of preparation of a wood. According to the basic kinds of activity " ", industrial actives are structured on grocery business - units: " "," Cellulose, a cardboard "" Packing ". Business - unit " "includes" ", - , " Bratsk DOCK "" Bratsk ". " Cellulose, a cardboard " enter into business - unit the largest enterprises of a pulp and paper industry of Russia: Kotlas , Brotherly and - . Business - unit "Packing" is formed on the basis of St.-Petersburg , paper-mill "" and a factory on manufacture "-". Timber cutting carry out "" (the Kotlas group), "" (- group) and " Management of timber cuttings and timber rafting " (Brotherly group), uniting 38 the enterprises in the Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk areas, republic of Komi and in Krasnoyarsk edge(territory). At the enterprises " " work more than 42 thousand person, and is issued 60 % of commodity cellulose and 50 % of a box cardboard from all volume made in Russia.
Source of the information: , 14.04.06