News from 05/05/2006 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
In St. Petersburg will construct a unique factory on processing plasma of donor blood
In Pushkinskom area of St. Petersburg it is planned to construct a factory on processing plasma of donor blood with the purpose of reception of a virus of safe preparations of plasma, the chairman of committee on public health services Jury ShCherbuk at the next session of the city government on Tuesday has informed.
As he said, construction of a factory which has no analogues in Russia, will be carried out only due to means of the investor.
Now the project develops the Institute of technology of Europe. Construction of a factory from the moment of the edition of the appropriate decision of the city government will borrow(occupy) one and a half year. At a new factory it will be possible to process up to 200 thousand litres of plasma of blood. For satisfaction of the minimal need(requirement) of city in preparations of plasma now it is necessary to process about 100 tons of plasma per one year.
Source of the information: (open access), 02.05.06