News from 05/05/2006 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
In Leningrad region enter quarterly monitoring small business
In Leningrad region enter quarterly monitoring small business. The order about it is issued by the regional government with a view of improvement of quality of an estimation of a level and dynamics(changes) of development of small business in region, have informed in the press-service of regional committee of economic development.
Monitoring will be carried out(spent) by experts of profile committee together with territorial body of federal service of the state statistics over Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region. The necessary data will give administration of municipal formations(educations) of the first and second levels.
A number(line) of the special forms which are taking into account the basic parameters of activity of small enterprises of Leningrad Region Is developed. Monitoring will include the information on tax receipts, volumes of a shortage from subjects of small business. The labour contracts concluded by individual businessmen with workers for revealing of businessmen will be fixed separately, paying the salary sizes of a living wage are lower.
In territory of Leningrad Region carry out activity of 11,7 thousand small enterprises on which work more than 150 thousand person. The revolution of small enterprises for the last year has exceeded 62,9 billion roubles. The share of a revolution of small enterprises in the general(common) revolution of the organizations of area in 2005 has made 16 %. Actual tax receipts on and on the last year have made 571 million roubles. Special tax modes use more than 40 % of small enterprises and about 75 % of individual businessmen of area.
Source of the information: , 03.05.06