News from 07/05/2006 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
" The Neva cheeses " вырастут in 3,5 times.
The interdiction on import Ukraine has helped сыроделам.
SPb. Holding company " Neva cheeses " will enclose 3 million in a new industrial line capacity 1 thousand т cheese per one month on the basis of working manufacture.
Due to this line Holding company (ХК) " Neva cheeses ", the largest importer and the manufacturer of cheese of St. Petersburg, plans to increase own manufacture of cheese in 3,5 times. According to a management of the company, to such decision of them the growing need(requirement) of the market has resulted.
" Now we let out about(near) 400 т per one month, but the market grows, the volume of import is reduced. We shall expand a ruler, including we shall start to let out grated cheeses, and also we shall construct a new warehouse of finished goods capacity 2 thousand т ", - the president of the Holding company " Neva cheeses " tells Альберт Суфияров.
The market Capacity of cheese in St. Petersburg - about(near) 6 thousand т per one month, for last year it(he) has grown approximately on 10 %. For comparison: in 2000 this parameter made about(near) 1,5 т per one month. Participants of the market mark, that it(he) remains moderately concentrated, in difference, for example, from the market of milk which already is completely divided. The leader of the market is ХК " the Neva cheeses ", borrowing(occupying) about(near) 25 % of the market. Other largest players of the market - Egor's Open Company " ВТК " ", Open Company " Trading House " Boris and Paul " and Open Company " slang ".
Experts name One more reason of growth of a domestic production an interdiction on import of dairy production from Ukraine. In result it was released(exempted) about 20 % of the market of cheese of St. Petersburg (all on import it is necessary about 70 %).
" The Market of cheeses at once has felt an interdiction on import of cheeses from Ukraine ", - Valery Egor, the general director of Open Company " slang " speaks.
According to experts, shortage of cheese, even despite of activization of activity of the suppliers, falling the years(summer) period is now felt.
By the way.
Into structure of group of the companies " Neva cheeses " enter.
- Open Company " Neva cheeses ", Open Company " Neva молокопродукты " (import, distribution of cheeses).
- Open Society " Маслосырзавод Пор-ховский ", the Pskov area (gathering and processing of milk, manufacture firm and плавленых cheeses).
- Open Company " the Factory плавленых cheeses ". Лух, the Ivanovo area.

Source of the information: Business St. Petersburg, 30.06.06