News from 07/05/2006 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
At Factory of name Крупской good chocolate, but weak marketing
The federal antiexclusive service has ratified purchase of 75 % of actions(shares) of Petersburg Joint-Stock Company " Confectionery factory him(it). N.K.Krupskoj " Norwegian company Orkla Foods CIS. Thus, begun in April of the current year purchase of the large manufacturer of chocolate is completed.
The Factory of name Крупской is considered the regional leader of the market of chocolate: its(her) share in Saint Petersburg and in Northwest, by estimations, makes 27 %. In scales of Russia the enterprise is almost imperceptible. According to experts of agency " business - analytics ", in 2005 more than half of Russian market of chocolate were supervised with the five of leaders. - " the Incorporated confectioners " (where " Red October ", "Бабаевская" enters, " the Mouth Front "; a cumulative share of the market - 18,5 %), Nestle (16,8 %), Mars (8,4 %), Kraft Foods (7,1 %) also "Is sweet" (6,5 %). To a word, "Was sweet" the last year it is acquired by the same Orkla Foods CIS. Probably, including a competition to " the big five " unpromising, Norwegians yet do not plan to deduce(remove) Factory of name Крупской on federal open space. As director Orkla Foods CIS Филип Уэй has declared the correspondent " Expert С-3 ", the company stakes on strengthening of positions of factory in Northwest region. According to some experts, the Petersburg enterprise in the last some years lost the share in region: earlier she(it) reached(achieved) 40 %. One of principal causes of easing of positions of factory - excessively big portofolio of marks and a weak marketing policy(politics) as a whole. Филип Уэй has declared: " Now we analyze a portofolio брендов the enterprises. The number of marks is too great to advance them all simultaneously expensively ".

Source of the information: the Expert Northwest, 03.07.06