News from 11/15/2006 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
St. Petersburg - while unique city in Northwest where unique growth small business is observed. Last researches which have been carried out(spent) by Association of small hotels of Saint Petersburg, show, that today there operates already more than 500 mini-hotels.
Parameters of work of this sector of hotel business were sounded by vice-president of Association of small hotels of Saint Petersburg Vladimir Vasil'ev on a round table in the St.-Petersburg commercial and industrial chamber, devoted to results of a high tourist season of 2006. It(he) has presented the data of the interrogation which has been carried out(spent) among 30 small hotels. The high estimation to a past season was given only with 7,5 % of respondents, "it is "good" - 70 %, " on the three " have estimated results of a summer(years) of 7,5 % interrogated. Major factors which have prevented normal work small business: influence of the state actions on an opportunity of visiting of St. Petersburg tourists and complexities with settling owing to bad work of transport highways of city.
As counts V.Vasil'ev, the sector of mini-hotels becomes more and more appreciable on a background of the general(common) picture of development of hotel branch of city. Today it already 17,5 thousand numbers that makes 38,5 % from all number fund. For comparison: in 2003 the general(common) number of numbers in small hotels made only 9,5 thousand. So growth is available.
However while it is far from being all small hotels of St. Petersburg are on legal position. First of all, it is connected to the big financial charges on the organization of such business. In opening mini-hotel on 7-10 numbers it is necessary to enclose a minimum $500 thousand. These charges include both passage of certification, and reception of various sanctions, including to reception of foreign citizens. The enclosed means pay off in 5-6 years.
On the official data, in city on Neva today about 30 mini-hotels, it only 5-6 % from their real number. In this sector of hotel business of St. Petersburg can while compete only to Moscow where it is registered such 65 hotels. As to a target audience in capital small hotels gravitate to the maximum(supreme) segment of the hotel market, therefore their clients basically business - tourists. In northern capital among lodgers of mini-hotels there are as the small tourist groups coming in city with the cognitive purpose, and travelling businessmen.
The Majority of owners of small Petersburg hotels count, that to anything to put additional means for rendering services at a level of 5-stars hotel. It is enough to carry out the certain set of requirements of the client that his(its) stay in hotel was maximum comfortable./economy and time, November, 9
Source of the information: News of small business