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On a round table in the Agency of business - news devoted to financial support of small business of St. Petersburg, executive vice-president of Association of banks Severo-Zapada Victor Titov has estimated work of the state bodies on support of the small private(individual) companies on "three".
In total amount of industrial production of St. Petersburg the share of the enterprises of small business makes 20 % that is non-comparable to the size of financial support of businessmen on the part of city authorities. This year on their support from the budget of St. Petersburg it is allocated 50 million roubles, in 2007 100 million roubles is expected, and in 2008 is planned to give 140 million roubles.
Up to 2006 one program operated actually, which assumed partial (3 %) a covering to risk to banks at crediting small business. But on it(her) the Northwest bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation though all banks of city were invited worked only. In result the allocated means were not completely spent. The last year the Savings Bank has given out only 11 credits.
The Reasons of bad development of budgetary money on a round table in named different: there is no information on credits, high interest rates on them, insufficient solvency of borrowers. By and large, the help at a rate of 3 % too scanty that from it(her) to small business there was an appreciable advantage(benefit).
In 2006 new forms of financial support have appeared. Quarterly compensation under the interest rate from 20 % up to 40 % (is entered depending on a kind of activity and the purposes of reception of the credit). Besides about 15 % of advance payment on leasing are offered to compensate. For stimulation of exporters and importers from the budget of city will compensate a part of expenses for reception of the international certificates.
In 2006 supports three banks participate in the city program of small business - -24, bank of Moscow and Northwest bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation already. By the way, all of them, to some extent, are state.
Making comments on new programs of support of small business, V.Titov has noted, that frequently programs are announced, and from them in a result it is not enough effect. As a whole as it was marked on a round table, the attitude(relation) to small business in city has changed not in the best party(side). On statistics, over 60 % of the small private(individual) companies works in sphere of trade and service. Generation of small enterprises in larger has stopped.
Besides protection of small firms is insufficiently organized, taking into account the become frequent cases . Before means for support of small business allocated the western financial institutions and after means have run low, any state structure has not filled this blank.
On crediting small business to estimate objectively position it is difficult for one simple reason: for today there is no summary reporting on this parameter. has undertaken to fill a blank and in the edition began to publish the data on banks of city, but, certainly, on a voluntary basis. On data , the most part of banks has shown the size of loan debts on small business at a level 300-400 million roubles.
The Northwest bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation by the beginning of July of 2006 has given out credits for 60 billion roubles. the -BANK in St. Petersburg (for 9 months) has granted a loan on 40 million And means up to 1,5 million roubles are most claimed, the head of additional office of the Petersburg branch of -BANK Dmitry Shedej has noted at session.
On a round table the program of crediting of small business was announced by the Petersburg branch of -BANK. It is planned to finance the small companies with proceeds up to 15 million roubles and average with proceeds up to 60 million roubles for the term of till three years.
Has offered the project on financing small business "" in the Spring. On presentation of the project representatives of bank have declared rather arrogant plans on development of the market of Northwest. Under the program of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank bank " Saint Petersburg " plans to work with small enterprises. Recently it was informed, that the bank has signed from the European Reconstruction and Development Banks the agreement on 30 million for 4 years. Under the program of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank in city the branch of bank " " works. Will start to give out microcredits to small business and branch Absoljut of Bank within the framework of the agreement with Deutsche Bank KFW.
Conditions of crediting of small business cannot be named neither convenient, nor favourable. The interest rate - high enough. But, as experts mark, occurs, though slower rates, than at usual corporate crediting. In 2006, for example, have lowered the rate for small business , bank of Moscow, .
Economy and time, November, 8
Source of the information: News of small business