News from 03/13/2007 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
In St. Petersburg it is totaled 595 unprofitable enterprises. The governor has promised to support them and to take measures for " financial improvement ". This parameter not strongly differs from figures of the last year, however the general(common) result of losses of these enterprises was reduced to 10 %.
The chairman of committee on economic development, an industrial policy(politics) and trade ( Ё–ѕѕи“) has informed About it today at discussion of social and economic development of St. Petersburg Alexey Sergey.
As he said, in 2006 the revolution of the enterprises and the organizations of city has increased on 26,5 % and has made more than 2 billion roubles. Thus сальдированный the financial result of activity large and has made average 170 billion roubles, that on 31,8 % it is more, than in 2005.
The Revolution of retail trade has increased on 14,5 % and has made 346 billion roubles. In 2006 in city it was open more than 30 shops - дискаунтов, and also 47 large objects of trade. The volume of transportations of cargoes for 2006 became equal 99,9 million tons. The leader of growth of volume of a turnover of goods became motor transport.
The Volume of investments in a fixed capital has made 178 billion roubles. Foreign capital investments have increased in 3,7 times and have made 5,3 billion dollars. The foreign trade turnover of St. Petersburg in 2006 has reached(achieved) 19,8 billion dollars, in comparison with 2005 it(he) has increased on 41,7 %.
The Size of export has made 6,9 billion dollars. As vice-governor Michael Oseevsky, has noted city imports more, rather than exports. Also it is the financial vice-governor does not arrange.
The Average wages in St. Petersburg in 2006 have made 12,9 thousand roubles. However, as has noted the governor, it - the small salary for petersburgers, and authorities are going to reduce break between rich and poor layers общества./»ј Regions. Ru, 07.03.2007/

Source of the information: Messages of Fatherland, 09.03.07