News from 07/05/2007 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
Business we build intuitively
Small and average business frequently the business on own representations.
Businessmen who in most cases are heads of business, frequently do not pay attention to rules of construction of business because of lack of time. It especially concerns manufacture where observance of technological processes, the operational control are very important.
When at us, in the Union of businessmen uniting more of 1 thousand companies of small and average business (including more than 200 industrial enterprises), we spend the seminars devoted to the organization of business we see, that practically all small business is organized not by known rules, and at only intuitive, everyday level. And developing in average business, businessmen do not hasten to raise a level of the organization of manufacture.
Are written off(copied) from the Internet. At 90 % of the companies processes of the internal organization are not regulated in any way. Written on a paper and the rules of the internal labour schedule lead up to the personnel are absent. Labour contracts and duty regulations either are absent, or are written off(copied) from the Internet. Hence, they to anything concrete do not oblige people.
The registered rules of activity of the company (as there passes the information who for what answers who to whom that transfers) are absent. That is as the worker understands, so it(he) and works. And you see absence of a regulation results in redundancy of the staff, losses of time, decrease(reduction) of quality. These are reserves of the enterprise which are not claimed.
Roman Pastuhov, the president of the St.-Petersburg union of businessmen
Source of the information: Business St. Petersburg, 04.07.07