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The Belgian manufacturer of buses Van Hool opens representation in Russia
Originally the company will concentrate on sales in Leningrad region and will start with second-hand engineering

Shares in the market of buses of city type in St. Petersburg in 2006 (all it was sold 686 buses)
ЛиАЗ 52 %
Golden Dragon 26 %
"Волжанин" 15 %
Yutong 1 %
НефАЗ 3 %
Scania 3 %

Van Hool - family business. His(its) manufacture settles down only in Belgium. The company annually lets out 1300-1500 city and tourist buses (are delivered in 70 countries). The representation of the Belgian manufacturer in Russia - Van Hool Rus, will settle down in St. Petersburg. Now Van Hool Rus looks for a platform for construction of the service centre and show - рума in area.

As have informed in the company, negotiations on this question with the vice-governor of region Grigory Dvasom are planned for July, 6. With it(him) also it is planned to discuss a question on deliveries to Leningrad region of buses Van Hool. The company will start with second-hand buses that will help to present mark, and in the subsequent due to introduction of system trade-in will start to deliver new engineering. For this purpose Van Hool will define(determine) a special quota for Russia. Its(her) sizes are not opened. By way of representation in 2008 to put to Leningrad region more than 50 second-hand buses.
The Company expects конкурироватьза the account of flexible circuits of crediting through friendly banks - " Райффайзенбанк Austria " (including ИмпэксБанк) and АКБ " Абсолют Bank ". Last at the end of May of this year was got by the Belgian group KVS belonging Van Hool.
In opinion директорапо to development and sales of buses of the company " МАН Automobiles Russia " Vladimir Korobejnikova rates of growth of the market of buses still allow the new companies to borrow(occupy) the niche in Russia.
" However western производителямвсе it is more difficult to position itself. On the one hand, the domestic production of buses develops, with another - the market actively borrow(occupy) китайцы ", - Vladimir Korobejnikov speaks. To concentrate on Northwest region participants of the market explain desire Van Hool Rus convenience of transportation of buses to St. Petersburg from Belgium.
The sales Manager " Скания Russia " Andrey Chursin is sure, that in a segment of city transportations buses Van Hool will be in demand hardly probable.
Michael Serov

The newspaper " Business St. Petersburg "
Source of the information: DP.RU, 04.07.07