News from 10/15/2008 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
Финкризис can supersede from the market of the real estate small business
Crisis differently influences the companies depending on volume of turnaround means and forms of their borrowing. The director of branch GVA Sawyer has declared it in Saint Petersburg to correspondent "Росбалта" Nikolay Vecher. It(he) has noted, that from the market there will leave the projects badly worked from the point of view of marketing.
The large companies reconsider the business - plans from the point of view of validity of marketing - the account of real structure of demand for the goods, optimization of an account part of manufacture.
The average companies also will reconsider the plans aside decrease(reductions) of the budget, and, most likely, they will be compelled to go on partial reduction of the primary activity.
" As to, small business, I think, from the market of the real estate it(he) will disappear ", - has told Evening. If the state at a federal and regional level will not support it(him) it will be difficult for it(him) to find the niche in economy in conditions of crisis. The state should help any tax indulgences, rent of premises(rooms) for them etc., it(he) considers.

Source of the information:, 15.10.08