News from 10/22/2008 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
As the largest ранспортно-logistical centre of Russia of authority of the country consider(examine) Saint Petersburg
Authorities are going to make special accent(stress) on creation of the modern logistical centres in regions. Achievement of the problems(tasks) determined in Strategy of social and economic development of Russia till 2020 depends on it in many respects.
Russia urgently needs to construct the infrastructure to become competitive for all European and Asian operators who today dynamically develop from the point of view of logistical services.
While in Russia it is not enough logistical centres, also they are under construction extremely slowly. Presence of a plenty some more the Soviet warehouses which proprietors can actively демпинговать, creates a competition and prevents development of a modern logistical network. Besides it bureaucratic nonagreements brake process.
Discussing the bill of transit, officials of Ministry of Transport and Council of Federation have revealed set of problems of transportation of cargoes in Russia. They concern not only maintenance with services аутсорсинга, but also coordination of efforts of all branches of transport, including railwaymen. " At us as a whole the share of cargoes in containers which are the most convenient for transporting is small, here again is above what to work ", - Jury Osintsev considers.
Besides in the cost price of any kind of production of transport expenses the Russian companies in 2 - have more than 3 times, than at foreign, and this component changes from 15 up to 20 % of the price of the goods. And it is very big share. In the West this share makes 7 - 10 %.
" But the most important, that the modern logistical centres in times automobiles faster allow to unload due to the modern engineering, the computer aided account of movement of the goods, transportations a warehouse are all allows the companies to reduce in times the expenses ", - Mr. Osintsev has added.
According to the senator, as the largest ранспортно-logistical centre of Russia of authority of the country consider(examine) Saint Petersburg. As to financing, that, despite of world(global) crisis, volume of the state investments in infrastructural and transport projects in 2009 to reduce it is not planned, Mr. Osintsev has assured.
Galina Bocharova