News from 10/22/2008 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
St. Petersburg prepares for dismissals
The administration of Saint Petersburg has decided to be prepared for possible(probable) dismissals at the city enterprises. Yesterday on a site of committee on employment of the population of city the reference(manipulation) to employers in which to the companies remind of necessity to inform bodies of service of employment about planned dismissals for two or three months depending on quantity(amount) of dismisseds has appeared. Thus, the employees who have stayed without work, quickly it will be possible to employ, hope in committee. However experts do not wait from the companies of "beautiful" dismissals, and also expect, that crisis, most likely, will return побелевшие patches in a grey zone.
According to committee on employment, number of the free citizens who dismissed owing to liquidation or bankruptcy of the companies and have addressed in ГУ " the Centre of employment of the population " behind assistance in search of work, has made in January, - September 2008 8320 person (in 2007 - 8658 person). From among these citizens in 2008 have found work 3289 person (in 2007 - 3900 person). The number of vacant workplaces under applications of the enterprises for the end of September has made 88,9 thousand units, including for employees - 26 thousand units (29,2 % from all vacancies) (in 2007, accordingly, 77,2 thousand units and 22,5 thousand units (29,1 % from all vacancies)).
Granting of data on reduction of number or staff(state) of workers in service of employment allows to accept превентивные measures, including on decrease(reduction) of social intensity and mitigation of negative consequences in case of mass lay-offs, is spoken in the message of committee on employment. Mass it is considered reduction more than 20 person from one enterprise. " If the company in due time has not informed, the penalty of the official makes from 1000 up to 5000 roubles, the legal person - 30-50 thousand roubles or the suspension of activity ", - explains the partner " Дювернуа Лигал " Dmitry Ivanov. - If the head punished earlier disqualification for 1-5 years or a suspension of activity of the enterprise can follow "." This message has appeared in reply to the reference(manipulation) of citizens ", - the chairman of Federation of trade unions of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region Vladimir Derbin marks. As he said, reception of the duly information from the companies will allow to employ the unemployed quickly. " Some years back a situation with mass lay-offs of employees were on Ижорском a factory. The commission there left, were carried out(spent) превентивные measures, and all workers were employed ", - it(he) reminds.
" Such message can stimulate workers of the companies who are not dismissed yet, but are under this threat, carefully to look after, that their attitudes(relations) with employers were made correctly out. It will allow to achieve indemnification further. ", - the director of Institute глобализации and social movements Boris Kagarlitsky marks. It(he) considers, that, despite of presence in the Labour code of regulating norms, in Russia there is no advanced system of employment of the unemployed which would include both gathering of the information, and selection of vacancies, and payment of grants(manuals), and accordingly neither at employers, nor workers do not have sufficient stimulus to carry out norms. Moreover, in the current conditions it is necessary to wait for return to grey salaries, the expert as before many workers there will be a question on reduction of the white salary believes as the alternative to be dismissed.

Source of the information: RBCDaily, 21.10.08