News from 10/29/2008 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
Deputies and businessmen beat alarm
With salutatory word to going(gathered) the Chairman of Legislative assembly of Leningrad Region Ivan Habarov has addressed. In the speech it(he) has expressed extreme concern a condition of small and average business of Leningrad Region in view of approaching world(global) crisis. The deputy has promised to do(make) all from him(it) and from his(its) colleagues dependent, to create to businessmen favorable conditions for work: " Today business - the most mobile pattern of ownership. The similar enterprises and the organizations bring money to the budget, provide with workplaces municipal formations(educations) and help local authorities. That is why, we can not remain in the party(side), and should support them ".
Theme of discussion became creation at administrative municipal formations(educations) of Leningrad Region coordination or advisory bodies in the field of development of the small and average business, specified in an item 13 of the federal law ¹ 209 - شا " about development of small and average business in the Russian Federation ". The offer was initiated by the chairman of Advisory advice(council) of businessmen of Leningrad Region at Legislative assembly of Leningrad Region Elena Shkoda. She(it) has declared, that to adjust attitudes(relations) with chapters of municipal formations(educations), it is necessarily necessary to create groups of strategic planning. The similar decision has caused the hot response businessmen. 2 groups which purpose became study of offers for the decision in Legislative assembly and the Government of Leningrad Region, in federal bodies, and also on places were immediately created.
As a whole the meeting has shown, that businessmen of Leningrad Region are interested in development of the activity on places and in maintenance of the budget with means. And local authorities and Legislative assembly should this promote.