News from 11/07/2008 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
The qualified employees will not fall under reductions
Despite of increase of quantity(amount) of mass lay-offs in St. Petersburg, the city administration while counts a situation on a labour market quiet. The Petersburg union of industrialists and businessmen also does not count position critical. However agencies already fix changes on a labour market: serious fears for the future are tested by managers and experts. To tell the truth, stars will stay on workplaces, assert(approve) . Such estimations have sounded on " a round table ", devoted to a situation on the labour market which has been carried out(spent) by committee on a personnel, social policy(politics) and vocational training of administration of Saint Petersburg, Commercial and industrial chamber (SPb ), Club of HR-directors and newspaper daily.
In opinion of the director on economy of the Union of industrialists and businessmen of Saint Petersburg , about full stability to speak it is not necessary. " We have collected directors on the personnel of the largest Petersburg enterprises - " Power(force) machines ", the Kirov factory, " factories " and others, - it(he) has told, - and have asked: " for that you wait? " On his(its) data, the enterprises will reduce the personnel, but not so is active, as it happened in the last crises. " It there will be reductions of the barely qualified personnel, and also services of maintenance, advertising and PR. Simultaneously with it representatives of the enterprises have declared, that reduction of highly skilled workers will not be. In the market they will not appear to wait for it to nobody follows ", - it(he) has specified.
On the fresh data of a site on search of work " HeadHunter Saint Petersburg ", submitted daily (the base more was analyzed than from 30 thousand vacancies), the number of the Petersburg vacancies placed on a site, concerning to bank sphere, was reduced on one week from October, 27 till November, 2 to a level of August to 56 % (the last year on the same week the gain in 2 % was marked). Reduction in a segment " Construction and the real estate " has made 5 %, week before (October, 20-26) - 40 %. Index HeadHunter - quantity(amount) of the resume on one vacancy - also shows significant problems serving bank sphere: as of October, 27 - November, 2 his(its) value for this branch has made 3,3. Difficult times at experts of a segment " Management personnels / trainings ": the index has reached(achieved) a mark 4,73 and at the maximum(supreme) management - 3,96. Strangely enough, index HeadHunter in a segment "Construction / real estate" more quietly behaves: value - 1,07.
As a whole much should regret that they did not study as qualified workers. And the full calmness of city committee on employment is connected, in particular, by that the official statistics is imperfect. Behind its(her) frameworks there are, for example, the staff reductions which have been made out as of dismissal at own will or under the agreement of parties.

//* A source of the information: RBCDaily, 07.11.08