News from 11/07/2008 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
The Petersburg banks cut charges on the personnel
For last one and a half month in Saint Petersburg the number of experts of the financial sector looking for work has essentially increased. On the data рекрутинговых agencies, the gain of the resume in bank and financial sphere has made from 5 up to 20 %. Experts believe, that in the future the situation can worsen, taking into account, that optimization of charges on the personnel will carry out(spend) the majority of banks. They unite blocks, rearranging employees, and reduce their number. Especially strongly this process has mentioned retail banks. In St. Petersburg on reductions there is an Alpha - bank and bank " Saint Petersburg ". Other banks also reduce workers, but officially to speak about it do not dare yet.
Participants of the market speak about universal reductions. But officially banks make comments on this theme cautiously. " Reductions in bank " Saint Petersburg " will not exceed 10 % from the current number of the personnel ", - the director on public relations of bank Anna Barhatova marks. As she said, now the bank unites some divisions, and also translates employees on other directions according to their qualification. The same policy(politics) will be carried out(spent) also by Alpha - bank. If earlier consumer crediting, autocrediting and the mortgage were independent divisions now they have come in the incorporated retail block that has entailed a regrouping of employees, have told in the press-service of bank. " The number of experts which are engaged in conducting зарплатных projects, is increased by development of new additional services and credit cards. To employees who worked in the mortgage and autocrediting, new workplaces in consumer crediting and retail " are offered, - the regional director on public relations of Open Society " alpha - bank " of Northwest region explains Алена Салтыкова.
In the press-service of the Baltic bank have informed, that the bank did not carry out(spend) reductions. There were no dismissals and in Балтинвестбанке, assert(approve) in his(its) press-service. The bank, on the contrary, types(collects) the personnel under opening of new branches in regions. " Strategically all banks with the advanced retail network prepare for plans on reduction of the personnel ", - speaks the vice-president of board, the head of the centre of development of regional business in СЗФО Investtorgbanka Sergey ShCherbakov. The biggest charges, as a rule, fall to wages, it(he) marks. " Retail banks essentially will slow down crediting. In conditions of falling of profitable base the basic question - optimization of charges ", - believes аналитик "Совлинк" Olga Belen'kaja.
Рекрутинговые agencies have already felt inflow of the resume in financial sphere. By estimations Coleman Services, from the end of September the number of entering resumes from the candidates submitted by employees of the bank, insurance and investment companies, has increased as a whole on 5 %. Managing partner BusinessWorld Tatyana Serebrennikova marks a 20-percentage gain for September - October. " For today more active in consideration of offers became financial directors and chief accountants ", - Lyudmila Smolina, conducting adviser " Триза Exclusive marks Saint Petersburg ".
//* the Source of the information: RBCDaily, 07.11.08