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Solemn ceremony of opening of a factory of company General Motors
Solemn ceremony of opening of a factory of company General Motors is held today in St. Petersburg, have informed "" in the press-service of Committee of economic development, an industrial policy(politics) and trade of city on Neva.
The First turn of a factory is designed for manufacture of 60 thousand automobiles per one year, the volume of investments in realization of the project has made 300 million dollars, quantity(amount) of created workplaces - about 1500. The factory is located in an industrial zone "-2".
" Opening of factory General Motors in Saint Petersburg - the next sign event for economy of city, one of strategic which directions of development becomes formation automobile with participation of company - world leaders, - first vice-president Sergey Fivejsky supervising realization of the project in Saint Petersburg has told. - the Investor even before start of a factory has had time to adjust assembly of two models of automobiles in city and also to open the Centre on selection of the personnel on the enterprise and the Centre of training to base skills. All these steps confirm comfortable conditions of development of business in St. Petersburg and gravity of plans of the investor ".
On words , today, when creation in city automobile leaves on a new stage - attraction and accommodation of manufacturers of autocomponents and research divisions of automobile corporations - plans General Motors will not be limited to first-order start of a factory. And it once again emphasizes interest of the company in the Russian market and investment appeal of economy of Saint Petersburg.
We shall Remind, that the Agreement on investment in construction of a factory on manufacture of automobiles in Saint Petersburg between the government of city and Open Company " " was signed in the spring 2006, and in the summer of the same year construction of a factory began. The investment project has received the status strategic.
The Committee of economic development, an industrial policy(politics) and trade is an agency of the government of Saint Petersburg, responsible(crucial) for support of the project.
We shall Remind, that General Motors - the second automobile factory which opens lately in territory of northern capital. In December, 2007 the ex-president of the country Vladimir Putin has opened the first automobile manufacture - a factory of Japanese company Toyota. In total in city on Neva it is planned to place five enterprises for release of foreign cars. Besides Toyota and General Motors the manufactures are going to start "", "" and "". Besides some years in territory of Leningrad Region the car factory of company Ford works.
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