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St. Petersburg has reduced the budget with crisis
Incomes and charges of city will be reduced to 25,8 billion roubles
Incomes of budget St. Petersburg already accepted in the first reading for 2009 will be reduced to 6,4 %, charges - on 6,7 %. Deficiency remain at a former level - about 20 billion roubles, or 5 % of charges. The deficiency planned earlier on 2010 and 2011 will be reduced on 40 and 22 % accordingly. City authorities consider, that due to these measures of St. Petersburg in 2009 can reduce volume of borrowings to 8 billion roubles. Experts mark, that the Petersburg authorities came to the sequestration of the budget conservatively, however pay attention that in case of deterioration of an economic situation the city will not have obstacles for the further updating the budget.
St. Petersburg will cut down expenses the city budget for 2009-2011 years on 72,4 billion roubles (5 % from earlier planned volume), incomes - on 60,5 billion roubles (4,3 %). As transfers agency RBK referring to the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Michael Oseevskogo, charges of the budget on 2009 will decrease on 25,8 billion roubles, on 2010 - on 27,2 billion roubles, on 2011 - on 19,4 billion roubles. The profitable part of the budget of city in 2009 is reduced to 25,8 billion roubles, in 2010 - on 17,3 billion roubles, in 2011 - on 17,4 billion roubles.
Yesterday the budget with new parameters was considered by бюджетно-financial committee (БФК) of legislative assembly of St. Petersburg which recommended assembly to accept it(him) in the second reading. In the first reading the document with incomes in 403 billion roubles, charges in 423 billion and deficiency in 20 billion was accepted in October. According to Mr. Oseevskogo, deficiency of the budget for 2009 after updating remain without changes. In 2010 it(he) will be reduced to 10 billion roubles, in 2011 - on 2 billion roubles. These measures will help to reduce possible(probable) borrowings of city in 2009 by 8 billion roubles, the vice-governor has explained. Earlier city authorities declared intention to place in 2009 of the bond for the sum from 10 up to 15 billion roubles. The ambassador секвестирования incomes of the budget for 2009 вырастут to incomes of 2008 on 22 %, charges - on 9 %.
" Updating had system character ", - chairman БФК Vladimir Barkanov asserts(approves). As he said, it was offered to all budgetary managers to reduce the charges approximately to 10-12 %. Existence of deficiency of Mr. Barkanova does not frighten. " It(he) can be reduced, having made borrowings, - it(he) speaks. - If to involve means on beneficial terms will fail, deficiency can be lowered, operating him(it). The size of incomes is planned proceeding from is conservative - is pessimistic variant, therefore is sure, that the difference between incomes and charges will manage to be levelled and without external borrowings ".
The Head of research department Леонтьевского of the centre Nina Oding considers, that the city has chosen conservative system секвестирования the budget. " It Is possible, it is connected by that nobody can predict as the economy in 2009 " will develop, - she(it) speaks. Reserves for the further decrease(reduction) of charges at city are, the share of investment charges in total amount of charges of the budget is high enough, and she(it) can be offered. Besides volumes of reduction weighed enough and because within one year revision of parameters of the budget is possible(probable), at authorities always are maneuver ", - Mrs. Oding marks.
It Is known, that the city has refused financing in 2009-2011 years of the civil-engineering design of public - business area " Охта the centre ". Annually St. Petersburg planned to allocate under the program of construction of the centre 2,94 billion roubles " From all volume of reductions of me updating of the program of development of underground " most of all upsets, - Mr. Barkanov speaks. In 2009 of the underground will receive less 1 billion roubles which intended on construction of new stations and purchase of a rolling stock.

Source of the information: RBCDaily, 11.11.08