News from 11/11/2008 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
Participants of the market of интернет-advertising of recession of activity of advertizers are not afraid.
" Banks and the financial companies which have reacted to crisis first, were not appreciable participants of online-advertising, therefore their problems actually were not reflected in the интернет-market ", - the head of интернет-agency TRAFFIC Alexey Kuprijanov makes comments on a situation. As he said, fine advertizers have given in to a panic, but large participants stably continue to put means in интернет-promotion.
Roman Jushko believes, that in 2009 growth медийной интернет-advertising will be slowed down, as it, first of all, имиджевая advertising. In this situation contextual advertising has chances to receive the redistributed advertising budgets. " Even because she(it), as well as BTL, directly influences sales volumes of the company - advertizer ", - Roman Jushko explains.
Alexey Kuprijanov also considers, that increase of charges at online - advertising inevitably. Clients will optimize expenses, and on a parity(ratio) "price - efficiency" the Internet among the first.
* A source of the information: DP.RU, 10.11.08