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News of the market of corn
Зарина Саидова, аналитик a department of the information and the analysis of world markets IK " Финам "
The technical analysis фьючерса on corn
Let's consider dynamics(changes) of the price December фьючерса on corn. From second half of 2007 and down to the third quarter of the current year the corn promptly rose in price. It is possible to name a principal cause of a similar rise in prices increase of demand for these goods as on raw material for alternative fuel as this period has coincided with an impetuous rise in prices on petroleum.

Source of the information:, 17.11.08

In the Volgograd area of sunflowers it is removed(cleaned) on 98 % of the area
In the Volgograd area намолочено 747 thousand tons of sunflower. As have informed correspondent ИА REGNUM in committee on an agriculture and the foodstuffs of administration of region November, 18, thus productivity has made 11 centners from hectare.
In Новоаннинском territorial district it is collected 242 thousand tons маслосемян, Урюпинском - 208,7 thousand tons, in Михайловском - 175,5 thousand tons. In total on area olive cultures are removed(cleaned) on the area of 678 thousand hectares. It is necessary to thresh the last of 16 thousand hectares.
In facilities(economy) of the Volgograd area cleaning of corn on a grain also is finished. The crop is already collected on the area of 88,6 thousand hectares, намолочено 342,5 thousand tons at average productivity of 38,7 centners from hectare. We shall remind, in 2008 crops of grain corn in the Volgograd area are increased practically twice, she(it) was placed on the area of 100 thousand hectares.
Now machine operators have prepared 2.188 thousand hectares зяби and black pair. On volumes of preparation black паров is in the lead Михайловский regional district - 376 thousand hectares. Among the first also facilities(economy) Новоаннинского - 375,4 thousand hectares - Урюпинского - 328 thousand hectares of districts.
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Source of the information: ИА " REGNUM - ВолгаИнформ ", 18.11.08

In Primorski Krai it is already removed(cleaned) 101,6 thousand га a soya and намолочено 32 thousand т a corn grain
Facilities(economy) of Primorski Krai finish harvesting a soya and corn. For today the area of cleaning of a soya has made 101,6 thousand hectares. As November, 18 have informed correspondent ИА REGNUM, productivity of this culture this year - 10,5 centners from hectare that is higher than a level of the last year.
As have noted in department of an agriculture and the foodstuffs of edge(territory), the soya is strategically important culture for Primorski Krai. Basically she(it) is used масложировыми by combines for manufacture of soya oil. And the advanced rests get integrated poultry farms on a forage.
Seaside facilities(economy) намолочено almost 32 thousand tons of a corn grain, that more than twice above a level of the last year. According to experts, in connection with active development of animal industries and poultry farming stable demand for a corn grain is kept. The large poultry-farming enterprises of edge(territory) - " Михайловский a broiler " and " Уссурийская an integrated poultry farm ", and also the companies engaged in cultivation of cattle, willingly get seaside corn.
* A source of the information: ИА Regnum, 18.11.08

17/11/2008 Grain yield and corn is higher than the most optimistical expectations.
By final estimation "СовЭкон" total gathering of grain facilities(economy) in all categories in weight after completion has made about 106 million т. It is higher than last forecast of experts in 103-105 million т and is the highest parameter since 1992.
Estimations of gathering пшеницы and barley have remained practically without changes, having made, accordingly 62,2 and 22,2 million т.
Higher estimation of total gathering grain is caused by sharp increase of manufacture of corn which can make record 6,3 million т. Growth on 60 % concerning 2007.

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Source of the information: Country sheets, 17.11.08