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News of the market of wood
The chapter of Karelia has held the meeting with heads of the enterprises of a timber industry complex of republic
November, 17 2008 | 14:56 the Press-service of the Government of Republic Karelia |

November, 14 in Petrozavodsk heads of the majority of the large timber industry enterprises of republic have gathered. At meeting under the direction of the Chapter of Karelia of Sergey Katanandova intermediate results of work of a wood complex in present year and prospects of his(its) development were discussed.
As Minister of a wood complex of republic Vladimir Jur'ev, in лесозаготовительной has reported at meeting branches which is a basis for maintenance of a timber industry complex with raw material, till October, 2008 the volumes achieved in the last year on preparation and вывозке wood were kept. Вывозка wood for 9 months has made 100 % to the similar period of 2007. The forecast вывозки wood on results of the current year - 6,3 million cubic metre or 97 % to a level of 2007.
At the same time Vladimir Jur'ev has told, that usual adverse conditions in the world market of saw-timbers is kept. The foreign market of saw-timbers directly depends on rates of construction which volumes are influenced with the sizes of hypothecary crediting in the western countries. In republic as it is export - focused on realization of saw-timbers, in 2008 there was negative dynamics(changes) of industrial production of saw-timbers. Problems in a timber industry complex have allowed to reveal a number(line) of the enterprises with inefficient management. Falling of the prices for export saw-timbers, the difficulties connected to realization of finished goods, and inability of the enterprises operatively to be reoriented on other commodity markets, have resulted in a stop of their industrial activity. Speech in particular went about the enterprises of Open Company " Пегас Интернейшнл " in Prionezhskom area and Open Company " Кемский ЛДЗ ".
In connection with reduction of demand for saw-timbers on a foreign market, in the beginning of the current year in republic decrease(reduction) on 15 % of volumes of manufacture деревообработки was predicted. For 10 months 2008 the index of manufacture in деревообрабатывающей the industries has made 83 %. On a tentative estimation on results for one year this parameter remain at the same level.
In a pulp and paper industry the situation up to an autumn was stable, plans of perspective development of enterprises TSBP did not foretell falling demand in the market. The enterprises had no problems with raw material, lack of capacities, with selling production. However, since August, 2008, in republic there was negative dynamics(changes) on manufacture of paper bags and as consequence(investigation) has taken place reduction of volumes of manufacture мешочной papers and a cardboard. According to the Ministry, on results of 2008 in a pulp and paper industry growth of manufacture of a newprint on 2 % and commodity cellulose on 11 % will be achieved. At the same time, to a level of the last year manufacture мешочной papers will make 95 %, bags - 85 %, a cardboard - 88 %.
The opinion on a situation in a timber industry complex of Karelia at meeting was stated by many heads of the branch enterprises. Directors have told about complexities which have collided(faced) them is export - focused manufactures in connection with world(global) financial crisis and reduction of demand for saw-timbers in Europe and Northern America.
" At the crisis moment only amicable teamwork will help us to solve appeared questions. We do not have reasons for a panic. A number(line) of the enterprises which have admitted(allowed) a stop, dishonour us and it is necessary to find forces to get rid of directors of these enterprises. To make it it is necessary effectively, quickly and rigidly ", - Sergey Katanandov has declared.
On results of meeting the complex of measures which realization will allow to solve many questions which have arisen for last months in a timber industry complex of republic was planned. So, at the prime Minister of the Government of Karelia Paul Chernova separate meetings with heads of the large holdings working with the Karelian wood are held, the Ministry of a wood complex the nearest month will lead(carry out) updating contracts of rent of wood resources, and also will give consultation to local enterprises LPK for their work with banks and customs house. The complex of the produced measures is designed up to middle of December, his(its) realization will allow to correct results of work of a timber industry complex in present year and to be defined(determined) with общеотраслевыми plans for 2009.
Ivan Stepan
The Press-secretary of the Chapter of Republic Karelia
//* A source of the information: Петрозаводск.ру, 17.11.08

Have regretted Finns.
The Russian government transfers to 9-12 months expected
Increase of the export customs on wood.
It was declared the last week by the Russian prime minister
Vladimir Putin on results of bilaterial negotiations with
The prime minister of Finland Матти Ванханеном. As he said,
" The actions undertaken by Russia directed on maximum
Effective utilization of the wood, are not directed on, that
To somebody to damage "." At the same time we understand, in what
Condition there is an economic and the world(global) finance ",-
Putin has told, having declared, that the government of the Russian Federation considers possible(probable)
To transfer the next increase of export duties on raw
Wood for 9-12 months.
Let's remind, that, according to the decision of the government, since July, 1
2007 the rate of the customs on a round wood was on a number(line)
Positions it is lifted with 6,5 up to 20 %, and since April, 1, 2008 - up to 25 % from
The prices of delivery, but not less than 15 euros from cubic metre. It was planned with
January, 2009 to finish the size of the duty on the raw wood up to
40 %, and on separate positions - up to 80 % from the price of delivery, but not
Less than 50 euros from cubic metre.
Finns more than once declared, that as a result of increase by Russia
Export duties on round their wood деревообработка and paper
The branch appears in crisis. Finland imports from Russia about(near)
20 % of a wood necessary for it(her). Clearly, that in view of Russian - Finnish
Negotiations on construction of a gas main " Northern stream " and
To the Russian participation in development of the Finnish atomic engineering
To lead up a situation with deliveries of a wood to Finland, where 16 % of gross national product
The pulp-and-paper branch, up to absolutely disputed provides
Would be and at all неконструктивно.

//* A source of the information: the Expert, 17.11.08

The Kirov area the Wood plan of the Kirov area has passed
Consideration in Рослесхозе. The press-service of the regional government
Informs, that actually it means the statement regional
The project. It agrees to it(him), by 2018 it is planned to prepare 13,7
One million cubic metre of wood annually. It almost is twice higher
Predicted preparation of 2009. Will increase volumes for
The account of increase of processing of low-grade wood, input new
Procuring and processing capacities, basically in
Northwest, northeast and central zones of area-
Here it is planned to realize mainly investment
Projects on development of woods. Now in a timber industry complex
Region it is realized and planned to realization of 13 projects
In total volume of investments more than 31 billion roubles.
It is supposed, that performance of the wood plan for the period with 2009 on
2018 will provide the budget of region with incomes in the sum about(near) 21,4
Billion roubles, and it more than twice above a level
Receipts this year. A wood - the main natural resources Kirov
Areas: with a wood it is covered more than 60 % of its(her) territory, and the general(common) stock
Wood in plantings(spreadings) are made more than 1,2 billion cubic metre.

//* A source of the information: the Expert - Волга, 17.11.08

Lower(omit) an axe.
Because of falling demand in the European market export
Forest products from the enterprises of Average Ural of the beginnings promptly
To be reduced. Together with increase of export duties on export
Round wood it can turn back bankruptcy лесозаготовителей.
Степанова Belief.
Year began for лесопереработчиков to Sverdlovsk area
Critical. Till now export of their production only grows, and on
20 - 30 % annually (so, in 2000 the region has taken out for the sum of the order
37 million dollars, and in 2007 - already more than 200 million). But for
Nine months 2008, on preliminary given(data) Ural
Customs management, it(he) has decreased to a level of 2007 at once on
15 - 27 %.
In a wet wood.
It is a little bit(some) reasons of falling. As the director Ural has explained
The union лесопромышленников Gennady Girev, from Sverdlovsk area
Abroad there were 60 % of saw-timbers made here and 60 - 70 %
Plywoods, including about 50 % in USA for construction of houses.
Now manufacturers promptly lose these commodity markets.
Hypothecary crisis in America has had an effect on the market wooden
Housing constructions: falling on 40 %. In parallel in Europe because of decrease(reduction)
Rates of construction and overabundance of raw material (terrible hurricanes
Have resulted in that on a home market appeared it is thrown out about(near)
20 million cubes of wood) the prices on пиловочник have spread downwards.
Have admitted fire and Canadian лесопереработчики (the basic
Suppliers of wooden building materials in USA): they
Were reoriented on the European market and have reset(dumped) on him(it)
Production under the dumping prices. To sustain a competition in such
Conditions to the Ural enterprises it is practically unreal. " Cubic metre
The Russian crude board costs(stands) 6,5 thousand roubles, and in Europe it is possible
To buy dry for 140 euros. For whom our production is necessary? " - plant
Hands лесозаготовители.
First of all, mark in the Union лесопромышленников, it
Has struck on large it is export to the focused companies, such as
"Лобва", the First timber industry, " the Ural wood ": they delivered
Abroad 70 - 90 % of production. Internal demand, росший in
Last years, also was not able to digest
Dead Europe and USA saw-timbers and plywood. In connection with
It to reduce manufacture to 30 % the combine was compelled also
"Фанком", letting out exclusively plywood, and all the same in a warehouse
Constantly there is a big rest of production, mark in
The companies.
Paper against a tree.
Reduction of demand for saw-timbers and accordingly on
Wood can result to that many small
лесозаготовительные the enterprises in January - February risk simply
To stop. The matter is that an autumn of 2009 should enter in
Force заградительные the customs on export of a round wood,
Which will make 80 % from cost of taken out balance wood
( but not less than 50 euros) for cubic metre. It will make unprofitable
Preparation and export of deciduous balances - the basic raw material for
Manufactures of cellulose and paper: for his(its) processing in region
Simply there are no capacities. " Export of birch balances already today
It is unprofitable. We shall count up: the buyer from Finland pays 35 euros
For cubic metre, 28 euros from them need to be given for railway
Transportation, remains 7 euros (200 roubles). But at us fire wood is more dear(expensive)
Cost(stand)! And if will enter заградительные duties, it becomes simple
Terribly ", - Gennady Girev explains.
On a plan of the Russian government, the liberated balance
Should become raw material for new ЦБК. But for one and a half year, as
It was found out, new combines to construct it is impossible. And in the first
Turn because of that the government till now has not given
Guarantees of financing of creation for them an infrastructure.
Лесозаготовители could get out, selling deciduous
пиловочник and a plywood range - the most expensive(dear) part of a tree. Up to
Middle of 2008 45 % of the plywood raw material prepared in
Sverdlovsk area, there was on the local enterprises, the rest in
Ufa, Perm, Tyumen and even in the central part of Russia. With introduction
Duties will find for it(her) selling it is practically unreal. The same
"Фанком" provides itself with raw material on 70 %, means, in conditions
Curtailments of production it(he) simply will cease to buy it(him) with
The market. " To sell in other regions of Russia hardly it will turn out,-
Gennady Girev, - marks the market of the European part of Russia, on
Which the significant share of sales Sverdlovsk is necessary today
лесозаготовителей, it will be closed by local suppliers ". In
Result many small and average лесозаготовительные the enterprises
Will be compelled to stop or stop existence simply.

//* A source of the information: the Expert - Урал, 17.11.08

The bill about the organization of activity on transportation of wood in territory of the Pskov area is ready to consideration in committees of regional Assembly

The Bill " About the organization of activity on reception, shipment and transportation of wood in territory of the Pskov area " is ready to consideration in committees and at the nearest November session of regional Assembly of deputies. Final session testifies to it, past in regional Assembly, the working group preparing the bill within two last months. Primary goal of the future law is putting in order in sphere of a revolution of wood: definition of rules of reception, the account and transportation of wood and prevention of offences. The working group was aimed at creation of clear formulations and norms of the law as, for example, requirements to items(points) of reception and shipment of wood which should have the information on the schedule of work, conditions of reception in open access, should have the necessary documentation - copies of the certificate about госрегистрации the legal person or the individual businessman, правоустанавливающего the document on the ground area, the book of the account of reception of acceptance reports etc. the Bill determines the order of reception, the account and shipment of wood, the order of transportation, the responsibility for infringement of the law, the press-service of regional administration informs. According to the chairman of working group, the chairman of committee Dmitry Matveeva, the working group does the big work, and there are bases to believe, that the future law " will order work as the organizations engaged in a revolution of wood, and the organizations which are carrying out the control above this process ". The near future the bill will be considered at sessions of committees of regional Assembly.
The North - Информ
//* A source of the information: Медиасеть All Russia. News of regions, 18.11.08