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News мясоперерабатывающей the industries
The bargain on sale of a meat-packing plant "Parnassus - m" was upset. Not holding buyer negotiates for purchase of actives of "Parnassus" in parts
Anatoly Temkin
Shareholder "Леноблптицепрома" and the chairman of board of directors of integrated poultry farm "Синявинская" Никита of Millers has refused purchase of a meat-packing plant "Parnassus - m", general director "Леноблптицепрома" Jury Trusov has told yesterday. In September of Millers has agreed with the president of "Parnassus" Sergey Udachinym upon purchase of 65 % of actions(shares) of holding. It(he) spoke, that expects on синергию from association of the enterprises.
Could not pay
Yesterday Open Society " Parnassus - m " has admitted(allowed) техдефолт on 8-му to the coupon of bonds of 2-nd series at a rate of 26,93 million roubles. The rate of the coupon - 10,8 % annual. The financial director of the company Igor Smirnov last night has declared "Интерфаксу", that the company " finds means ". The payment agent of release - НП " National депозитарный the centre " - has directed to the emitter the missive with inquiry about the instruction(indication) of the reasons about непогашении obligations, press-service NDTS has informed.
"Parnassus - m"
Manufacture and processing of meat
It Is formed in 1998 on the basis of Petersburg мясоперерабатывающего a factory "Parnassus". Includes Luga, Tikhvin, Tver, Volkhov, the enterprise on откорму cattle "Dawn" and the Luga factory of mixed fodders Newer - Стерлитамакский and Готнянский meat-packing plants, Ипатовский and May Day мясоптицекомбинаты. Has branches in Arkhangelsk, Volgograd, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Rostov, Tambov, Ulyanovsk, Ufa.
Shareholders - registered in Amsterdam " Улисс норт management би ви " (56,28 %), the European Reconstruction and Development Bank (24,42 %), Sergey Udachin (5 %).
Proceeds for 1 half-year 2008 - 1,8 billion roubles.
Net profit - 596 000 roubles.
The Millers, headed "Parnassus" in September, about two weeks back, on words Трусова, has left(abandoned) a post of the president of meat holding, it(him) has again headed Удачин. About returning Удачина it is known also to a source close to holding.
"Parnassus - m" for two months after the announcement of the bargain and has not replaced shareholders, the senior manager of fund Quadriga Capital Gennady Gruzdkov has confirmed. The fund operates the package of "Parnassus" belonging to the European Reconstruction and Development Bank, and conducted with Мельниковым negotiations about his(its) sale.
To contact Мельниковым and Удачиным yesterday it was not possible.
The Potential buyer did not accept the price and debts of "Parnassus", asserts(approves) Cowards. Debt loading of holding - about 5 billion roubles, is credits of banks and a bonded loan for 1 billion roubles, speaks a source familiar with a situation at the enterprise. It(he) asserts(approves), that Millers has not lost interest to business of "Parnassus". On words Трусова, Millers negotiates for purchase of separate actives of "Parnassus" located in Leningrad region, - the Luga and Volkhov meat-packing plants, state farm " dawn " and the Neva integrated poultry farm.
For "Леноблптицепрома" meat-packing plants - the not profile active, and charges on their management every day grow, general director "Митлэнд" Dmitry Gordeev considers. To buy now a not profile active, besides burdened with duties, senselessly, it(he) ascertains.
Profitability мясоперерабатывающих manufactures on the average on the country changes about 1 %, the president of Meat union Musheg Mamikonjan estimates. As he said, because of crisis in the least steady position there were large manufacturers - suppliers network ритейла. The above the share of networks in the target market of the manufacturer, the is lower his(its) profitability, speaks Мамиконян. In crisis consumption, as he said, will be displaced from expensive(dear) meat products on cheap, in such conditions to buy large combine does not cost. Two months back Мамиконян estimated cost of "Parnassus" in 150 million; for this time it(he) has fallen in price as a minimum three times, it(he) speaks. Гордеев asserts(approves), that "Митлэнд" negotiated with Мельниковым for purchase of state farm " dawn ", but unsuccessfully.
//* A source of the information: Sheets, 21.11.08