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News of meat branch
On development of dairy cattle breeding in Russia till 2012 30,5 billion roubles is allocated.
The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation has ratified the branch target program " Development of dairy cattle breeding and increase of manufacture of milk in the Russian Federation for 2009-2012 years ".
The Purpose of the program - creation of conditions for steady development of domestic dairy cattle breeding and increase of volumes of manufacture of milk about 32,2 million tons in 2007 up to 37 million tons in 2012.
According to the program, for achievement of the planned purpose strengthening breeding base of dairy cattle breeding, increase of manufacture of milk and the accelerated development of dairy cattle breeding, and also regulation of the market of milk is necessary.
The Volume of financing from means of the federal budget on realization of the program for the period of 2009-2012 years makes 30,5 billion roubles, is informed on a site of advice(council) at the president of the Russian Federation on realization нацпроектов.
//* A source of the information: Aloud RU, 24.11.08

Financing of branch programs is increased by 14 billion roubles
The State has decided to increase financing of branch programs on development of meat and dairy cattle breeding. If two months back on their realization in 2009-2012 years it was planned to allocate from the federal budget 16 billion and 20 billion roubles now when programs are authorized finally, these sums is solved to increase by 20 and 50 % accordingly. However participants of the market speak, that now the main complexity for manufacturers - to find credits for realization of projects.
In the beginning of October the presentation of branch programs " Development of meat cattle breeding of Russia for 2009-21012 years " and " Development of dairy cattle breeding and increase of manufacture of milk in Russia for 2009-2012 years " was held. The basic purpose of the program on meat cattle breeding is creation of starting conditions for formation of steady development of branch and increase of manufacture of a high-quality beef. And the program on dairy cattle breeding is aimed at increase of manufacture of milk and realization of measures on regulation of the dairy market.
In programs concrete industrial parameters which it was supposed to reach(achieve) in 2012 were registered. In particular, manufacture of a beef should bring up with 62,2 thousand т in 2007 up to 282,4 thousand т in 2012, and manufacture of milk - about 32,2 million up to 37 million т. On realization of the program on development of meat cattle breeding it was supposed to allocate from the federal budget 16 billion roubles (on 4 billion roubles annually), on development of dairy cattle breeding - 20 billion roubles (on 5 billion roubles annually).
Yesterday on site Минсельхоза orders on the statement of these branch target programs were published. In final variant financing was increased on meat cattle breeding about 16 billion up to 19,2 billion roubles, on dairy cattle breeding - about 20 billion up to 30,5 billion roubles.
Offers on increase of financing of programs sounded already for a long time, participants of the market speak. The parameters designed in programs very optimistical and that them to reach(achieve), more means are required, Tatyana Rybalova speaks аналитик Institute of a conjuncture of the agrarian market. Increasing financing, the state gives the certain signal to investors who have risked to be enclosed in animal industries, and that who only is going to invest, president ГК counts " Russian farms " Andrey Danilenko. Branch programs are good and thought over, the general director of holding " Мираторг " Alexander Nikitin marks. " However now before manufacturers there is a question where to involve credits for realization of the projects as the branch demands long money ", - it(he) adds.

Source of the information: RBCDaily, 21.11.08

Breeding крупнорогатый the cattle purchased in Australia for megafarms in the south of the Pskov area, has arrived to water area of port " Novorossisk ", the general director агрохолдинга on the basis of Joint-Stock Company " Великолукский has informed dairy combine " Sergey Artetsky.
At present in Novorossisk storm warning on 3 - 7 days is declared, and at favorable outcome the first animals will leave on a coast presumably November, 24.
Onboard a special vessel is 1900 heads of the cattle acquired агрохолдингом Великолукского of dairy combine. First thousand animals will arrive on megafarms of holding on the next week, and in one week - the staying of 900 heads. Cattle will transport on 40 units of the specialized transport. Capacity of each such machine makes 25 heads.
In the Pskov area of 1300 animals will lodge in two коровника megafarms in Novosokol'nicheskom area (Недомерки), the others 600 heads will place in коровнике megafarms in Bezhanitskom area (Гришкино).
All up to the end of 2008 on farms of the south of the Pskov area should arrive 3600 телок. The contract on their delivery for the sum almost 12,9 million dollars was made in April, 2008 агрохолдингом Великолукского dairy combine and the supplier conducting in the world крупнорогатого cattle by company ELDERS AUSTRALIA LIMITED.
We shall Remind, the agroindustrial holding on base ВМК unites more than 10 facilities(economy) in the south of the Pskov area and everyone includes four megafarms on 1200 heads of large horned livestock in Новоскольническом (Недомерки), Бежаницком (Гришкино), Великолукском (Малахи) and Kun'inskom areas (Боталово) of the Pskov area.
The Volume of investments in construction of four megafarms makes about 3 billion roubles. Investments in each of megafarms will make about 750 million roubles. Cost of construction, the equipment, agricultural machinery, крупнорогатого cattle here enters. On the planned capacities it is supposed to leave at the end of 2009-с the first отелом the cattle delivered from Australia. The time of recovery of outlay of each complex makes 8 years. The project on creation of agroindustrial holding in the south of the Pskov area is realized at support of Savings bank of the Russian Federation and administration of the Pskov area and recognized as the largest in Northwest region of Russia.
//* A source of the information: ИА the Pskov news line, 21.11.08

In Saraktashskom area the first turn of a supermodern dairy complex prepares for delivery. Буренки will be here on the cold maintenance(contents). Heating is not stipulated basically, only drinking bowls for animals with подогревом. From experience of northern countries it is known: fresh air to cows where is more useful than dirty, dark and stuffy concrete bunkers which in Soviet times named dairy farms.
The Director of a complex Alexander Kruglov has explained, that each cow "generates" thermal energy - half-watt at one o'clock. 600 cows in a not heated premise(room) is the same, that 300-киловаттный a heater. (For comparison - the usual domestic electroiron consumes on the average 1,2 kw-h.) it Appears, буренки can work as a quite good heater!
The design of removal(distance) of manure - a scraper slowly Is interesting, but is true, for 2 hours as the bulldozer, crawls on all length коровника.
When the complex will leave on full capacity, 2400 "канадоподданных" in four коровниках will serve only 30 person. It is all staff(state) - from the director and дояров up to the cleaner.
Laying for animals as expensive(dear) bed matresses in the boutiques, ventilated also takes the form of a body.
Source of the information: Arguments of Week