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Building Царскосельского of station is exposed on tenders
Building Царскосельского of station is exposed on tenders.
The fund of property of Saint Petersburg March, 18 will lead(carry out) auction on sale of the right of long-term rent of building Царскосельского of station in city Pushkin. Last 40 years the building was deserted, in his(its) reconstruction the investor should enclose 166 million roubles. However, despite of a pitiable condition, object with a historical aura it is quite suitable for creation of small hotel or restaurant, experts believe.
Царскосельский the station becomes the first building from the property of city which will be exposed on tenders after coming into force of the amendment in ФЗ " About protection of a competition ". This amendment has obliged city authorities to sell rights of rent on objects of the city property only by results of tenders or competitions. Till now the city independently decided how to dispose of this real estate, on the special commission. For one month through it(her) passed about hundred buildings and premises(rooms).
Building Царскосельского of station was constructed under the project of architect V.A.Pokrovskogo in 1912 simultaneously with opening the first branch line between St. Petersburg and Tsarskoe Selo (nowadays city Pushkin). The station was used for reception of trains of the maximum(supreme) state persons. After revolution in it(him) the hostel of factory "Ремпультмаш" was placed.
The former station is to the address:. Pushkin, Academic пр-т., 35б, lit. And, it is rather far from the modern railway. The subject of tender - the sum of an annual rent for pavilion of 407,4 sq.m. the Building is offered by the area in rent for 49 years under the rate of 363,8 thousand roubles per one year. Besides the new owner should enclose within three years in his(its) reconstruction not less than 166,2 million roubles.
In opinion of the director on promotion Praktis CB of Sergey Fedorova, it is the most expedient to place a public catering and trade in a building. " Restrictions КГИОП and remoteness from the usual tourist streams essentially reduce appeal of object, but the declared rent rate is quite adequate ", - it(he) is sure. " The Small area of pavilion and his(its) location on Pushkin's surburb do(make) бутиковый a format of trade inappropriate. The most logical variant - restaurant. Probably also use under элитную mini-hotel on six - ten numbers ", - is counted by the head of a department of consulting Astera St. Petersburg of Eugeny Vasil'eva.
In a building accommodation of office of one company is possible, the senior adviser " Knight Frank speaks Saint Petersburg " Igor Kokorev. " To the project the exposition devoted to a history of station and Tsarskoe Selo, and also unusual architecture of a building can add Charm ", - it(he) adds.
However directors of department of consulting and estimation АРИН Ekaterina Markovets have confused conditions of reconstruction: " If she(it) does not assume expansion of object due to new construction the investor should enclose about 11 thousand dollars in each square meter of an old building, that it is very expensive. For comparison, reconstruction of House Зингера on the Neva prospectus has costed for the investor 5 thousand dollars for a square ".

Mirax has borrowed(occupied) Kursk station
Company " БФМ-KURSK station " (enters into corporation Mirax Group) has signed with management of railway stations the contract on confidential management of a complex of Kursk station within five years. In 2008 Mirax Group has lead(carried out) modernization of station, and also has concluded new contracts with tenants under higher price (20,5-180 thousand roubles for 1 sq. m per one year). " For the first time вокзальный the complex was transferred(handed) to management of the private(individual) managing company ", - the member of board of directors Mirax Group Maxim Privezentsev has specified.
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//* A source of the information: RBCDaily, 03.02.09