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Analogue Valio
The committee on agriculture of Leningrad Region has offered the vegerable-growing enterprises to create the specialized производственно-marketing cooperative society. It is supposed, that the new structure will be entered with the largest facilities(economy) of area for realization of the centralized purchases of raw material and engineering, and also storage and realization of production. According to participants of the market, in an ideal the cooperative society should become analogue of Finnish concern Valio which was created by the Finnish dairy farms with the similar purposes. However how many interested persons will be to enter new structure while it is not known.
The vice-governor of Leningrad Region Sergey Jahnjuk responsible for development of an agriculture, has offered manufacturers of vegetables to create cooperative society, which the basic purpose - optimization of charges. Members of cooperative society will be engaged on-line in planning of manufacture, storage, formation of the price and selling of production. The final decision on creation of cooperative society should be accepted in two weeks given to heads of the companies on reflection. If the majority of them will answer the initiative of administration positively, the appropriate contract about intentions will be signed. What in the project a role of administration of Leningrad Region, it will be solved later. It is known that begin a member of cooperative society all wishing facilities(economy) can, but on пятничном the meeting devoted to his(its) creation, participated only about ten largest, among which "Детскосельский", "Приневское", "Ручьи" and so forth.
In administration of area also have informed, that base for the future cooperative society can become the Moscow wholesale - retail association (МОРО, Gatchinsky area) as this enterprise is one of the largest suppliers of vegetables to St. Petersburg. The director on development МОРО Victor Bessonov names idea of creation of cooperative society quite good, but precisely to describe structure of association while is at a loss. " In an ideal the cooperative society should become analogue Valio, - Mr. Bessonov tells. - it(he) can be engaged in the centralized purchase of seeds to have the general(common) park of engineering and so forth But all will depend on that, how many the enterprises will agree enter him(it) ". With it(him) Ekaterina Jastrebova agrees the director on development агрохолдинга "Детскосельский": " The rational grain in this idea is. Especially in view of that manufacturers today have no any mechanism of price control to vegetables and completely depend on seasonal fluctuations. But all will depend on number of participants, which exact number while to predict difficultly ".
Ideas in struggle for a crop expressed association of efforts at different levels and earlier. In particular, it was spoken about necessity of creation of a distribution centre for fine and average сельхозпроизводителей, not having vegetable storehouses and consequently compelled to market production in a season under the low prices. Besides the idea of creation of park of engineering which facilities(economy) could hire for the period of works as the majority of them to buy and hold her(it) on balance was discussed is unprofitable. However any of these projects was realized not as wishing to invest in them not found.
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//* A source of the information: RBCDaily, 03.02.09