News from 02/03/2009 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
"Gazprom" has estimated "Zenith"
Board of directors " Gazprom " at in absentia session has approved purchase of 1,06 % of actions(shares) of football club " zenith " for 26,6 million roubles the company " Gazprom трансгаз Saint Petersburg " (100 %-s' "daughter" of gas monopoly), is spoken in the report of advice(council) (is present at the order of "Sheets"). As the seller of 200 actions(shares) of club the Fund of support of sports fans of Saint Petersburg has acted. The share " Gazprom трансгаза Saint Petersburg " in the authorized capital of "Zenith" has increased up to 25,01 %, is spoken in the report. Thus, all club " Gazprom " has estimated in 2,66 billion roubles - approximately 96 million at a then rate (27,57 roubles for 1 $ for November, 21, 2008).
In the press-service " Gazprom трансгаза Saint Petersburg " have refused comments. On data ЕГРЮЛ, the welfare fund of support of sports fans of Saint Petersburg is founded in 2003 by Michael Myshalovym and Eugeny Ksenofontovym. On a site of "Zenith" it is told, that Мышалов since 2006 is the adviser of the president of club for commercial questions, and also the general director of the "zeniths - трейда", trading фанатской symbolics. The representative of club and Мышалов have refused comments. Ксенофонтов was inaccessible.
Cost of "Zenith" was opened only once. In report Газпромбанка on МСФО for 2005 it was spoken, that the bank has bought 51 % of club for 36,2 million
If to count cost of club as the sum трасферных the prices for all his(its) players she(it) just comes nearer to 100 million, the director on sports of agency Brand Action Group Maxim Belitsky considers.
//* A source of the information: Sheets, 03.02.09