News from 05/08/2009 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
Tourists can arrive without visas to the Russian Federation on the ferry
Russia has entered a visa-free mode for the tourists arriving to the Russian Federation on ferries. The appropriate decision was signed by the prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
"" transfers, that the visa-free mode is entered on " some time ", however during what term it(he) will operate - is not specified. The chapter Rosturizma Anatoly Jarochkin has declared, that simplification of access in the country - an anti-recessionary measure. Due to this in 2009-2010 years the number of the foreign tourists visiting(attending) Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad can be doubled.
Meanwhile, according to message ., originally visa-free mode for passengers of ferries was entered by amendments into the law " About the order of departure and entrance to the Russian Federation ". These amendments have come into force March, 3. Change of the legislation was initiated by authorities of Saint Petersburg.
By the way, the ferry communication between Saint Petersburg and Helsinki was interrupted by an autumn of 2008 in connection with world(global) financial crisis. Till now ferries do not go to northern capital.
Source of the information:, 08.05.09