News from 05/08/2009 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
Rating of cities of the world with the best quality of life
Novosibirsk in 2009 has borrowed(occupied) 188 place in ретйтинге analytical agency MHRC of cities of the world with the best quality of life, having typed(collected) 47,4 points from reference 100 (the quality standard of city life belongs to New York). The Vienna which has typed(collected) 108,6 points has headed a rating in a rank of the best city of the Earth. From the Russian megacities in the list three more, and Krasnoyarsk competing to Novosibirsk in a sheet of 215 cities of the world most convenient for life has not come.
According to a full rating, the Russian cities are submitted in it(him) as follows: Saint Petersburg began 164-th, Moscow has borrowed(occupied) 168 place, Novosibirsk 188, and Kazan - 191.
The Rating of quality of life in cities is made on the basis of 39 criteria in 10 groups. The major parameters - political and public conditions (stability, criminality), economy (bank system, a currency exchange), социокультурная conditions (presence of censorship, restriction of a personal freedom), health (health services, infectious diseases, air pollution), formation(education), quality of a city infrastructure (an electricity, water, transport), sphere of service, trade and the prices, a municipal services, a climate and risk of acts of nature.
Source of the information:, 08.05.09