News from 06/03/2010 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
The Kirov businessmen picketed the federal centre
In Moscow, on the area of 1905 picket of workers of sphere of small and average business of city of Kirov was held.
Participants, members Association of protection of rights of small and average business of the Kirov area arrived to capital, having despaired to protect the rights in native city, where, on their belief, the local authorities uses the best efforts to destroy the branch providing with work and means to life of tens thousand of people. During action headers were used: " Authority, respect small business! "," do not prevent to work. We choke! "," Reduce the rent rate on
The ground! "," the Chapter of city and administration in resignation! "," the Government, execute promises on support of small business! ".
Rubtsovsk: new hunger-strike prepares
Hunger-strike 172 рубцовских тракторостроителей, finished by payment of duties by him(it) under the salary, became an example for other workers "Алттрака". More than 1 thousand person have declared readiness to start(begin) the similar action(share) not later June, 10.
June, 1 workers expected, that to them will give the diagram of repayment of debts, but it has not taken place.
If till June, 4 on hands workers will not have any agreement, they will start active actions on lawful upholding rights. Now the initiative group of the workers who are not participating in May hunger-strike, conducts among workers petition on participation in new hunger-strike.
//* A source of the information: the Soviet Russia, 03.06.10