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Eugeny Elin: " the committee makes huge quantity(amount) of papers "
The chapter of committee of economy, industrial policy(politics) and trade of St. Petersburg Eugeny Elin has frankly told to " Business St. Petersburg ". As it(he) has checked up work of the subordinates and has understood, that the purposes of the activity do not understand the majority of employees.
"ДП": Развейте, please, hearings concerning the one who all the same leaves committee and who remains. Comments of your former employees on this theme differ from yours.
Eugeny Elin: Owing to reorganization of structure of committee posts of assistants were reduced.
Ekaterina Goloulina Has left(abandoned) the post. The post of the assistant which was borrowed(occupied) with Olga Romashova also is reduced. Dmitry Kobitsky any more does not head the block of the consumer market, it(he) is supervised by assistant Anna Ruhmakova. The industrial sector has still remained for Igor Iljuhinym.
It is offered to Sergey Fivejskomu to head Agency of economic development which will be engaged in support of business, complex development industrial, support of investment projects. Within 2 months it(he) should develop and protect the concept of such agency, and if she(it) will be approved, it(he) and will engage in this work. I shall note, that the idea is not new: such agencies are in the majority of the countries of the world.
Eugeny Elin
It is offered to Anatoly Kotovu to head management of committee which will be engaged ыставочно-exhibition activity. It(he) has accepted this offer.
"ДП": Why in general you have decided so abruptly to change a management(manual) of committee, so, and all system of his(its) work?
Eugeny Elin: I want, that the committee worked effectively, with the maximal advantage(benefit) for city. Such problem(task) has put передо me the governor, and I shall execute her(it).
When I have come in committee has tried to understand as it(he) works, that for a product gives on an output(exit) and as far as this product is necessary for city.
It Was necessary to ask to make all chiefs of managements presentations of the work. And to make it at the presence of the colleagues whom I anonymously have asked to estimate work each other.
In result it was found out, that basically the committee makes huge quantity(amount) of papers - an information, reports, letters, inquiries. And what it changes in real life of people what particularly brings advantage(benefit) to city, to his(its) economy, people, eventually? On this question many could give the precise answer not.
The purposes of the activity do not understand the Majority of employees. A unique output(exit) from the usual situation - reorganization of structure of committee and change of the staff. Thus I perfectly understand, that replacement of one managers with others is only a top of an iceberg.
Believe, it not so is simple. But work this goes. There are specification of functions of committee, finding - out of what products which anyhow finally will have an effect on quality of life of petersburgers, will offer each of blocks. Thus, the action(share) had no by retaliatory character.
"ДП": And small business - whether there will be changes in an infrastructure of support?
Eugeny Elin: it Is necessary to speed up work of Agency on development of small business. Besides the committee will support work on creation кластеров, to an operating time of various large projects, important for city economy, for example on promotion of production of the industrial enterprises of city on commodity markets, including to natural monopolists - РЖД, etc. In a result realization of large projects will give "Water-channel", the fuel companies to earn to small both average innovational and industrial business.
"ДП": And how officials of committee will divide a public catering, trade and services is, on the one hand, sector of small business, and with another - sector of the consumer market?
Eugeny Elin: the Block of small business which will be headed by Cyril Solovejchik, will be concentrated on liquidation of the barriers preventing business to work, and also on support of the small business specializing on innovations and manufacture. Trade, services and public catering will get to the block of the consumer market.
We shall develop business - incubators, in particular, on Полюстровском пр. We plan to construct an incubator the area about 10 thousand m2 for accommodation here the industrial enterprises. Essentially we shall expand a business - incubator on street. Седова, 37 ("Crystal", subsequently the enterprises of small business which are carrying out activity in sphere энергосбережения here can be placed.
On each of blocks we shall expect concrete result as development and introduction of new products, formation of the new markets, creation of new workplaces.
"ДП": you spoke also that the Multipurpose centre for business will be open. Already know, where exactly?
Eugeny Elin: Yes, for business we shall create " a uniform window " in city centre - in a building of former liceum in пер. Гривцова, 8. But the building demands repair. In the multipurpose centre business can receive anyone of the coordination and necessary information(inquiries). And any enterprises will be served not only small, and in general. Thus, time of registration and expectation of documents will be reduced and, we hope, will decrease administrative barriers.
"ДП": What will take place with programs of support of small business?
Eugeny Elin: 16 available programs of support of subjects of small business will be continued. From May, 24 was begun with reception of applications for reception of grants, for it was allocated 300 million roubles. In total on realization of the plan in 2010 from the city budget it is planned to allocate 635 million roubles.
It Is necessary to note, that the governor has put severe constraints: to not reduce in 2010 financing of actions for support of small business.
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//* A source of the information: DP.RU, 02.06.10