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As our businessmen adopted the Japanese experience
How the employee of the Russian enterprise who have admitted(allowed) a marriage(spoilage) on manufacture will act(arrive)? What the Russian municipal official in reply to the offer of businessmen will answer to organize for them trip a prestigious business - exhibition, and - due to the budget? Representatives of domestic small business with a high probability will give unfavourable answers to these questions. And if to set to their descendants of Samurais - to businessmen - Japanese? The chairman has told about local traditions of business dealing to the correspondent "Kind" татарстанского regional branch " SUPPORT of RUSSIA " Азат ГАЗИЗОВ, visited recently in the Country of a rising sun in structure of the Russian business - delegation.
- Азат Халилович, tell, please, about the purposes and the visit schedule. In what branches the attention татарстанской was concentrated delegation during visit to Japan?
- I shall note, that it not the first trip of representatives of "SUPPORT" with the purpose of studying foreign experience, before were Italy, Austria, Finland, Canada. However the Asian direction appears at us for the first time. Members of the Russian delegation at which structure there were not only representatives " SUPPORT of RUSSIA ", but also members of Council of Federation, have met heads of prefecture and municipality Niagata is a seaport, Russian sea "gate" to Japan. It is remarkable, that at our republic with the given prefecture much in common: territories on the area practically coincide, the population at them 2,2 million person, at us 3,5 million, they give significant attention to an agriculture. To a word, prefecture Niagata specializes on rice (it is considered, that at them the best in the world rice) and on fruit. Within the framework of the business visit schedule the big conference devoted to questions of cooperation of small and average business of Russia and Japan was held. The accent(stress) was made on an agriculture, construction and manufacture автокомплектующих. Formal receptions of the parties(sides) were held: in particular, we met the mayor and governor Niagaty. And last two days - already directly trips on the enterprises, so to say, survey of business alive.
- and what impressions?
- the most positive. In particular, we have visited a factory making the forms of home appliances - have seen a lot of interesting, that us even shocked, but - in good sense. At them, for example, the input(entrance) in shop can be confused with an input(entrance) in office - doors of shop leave on street. We even all over again have not understood, that behind this door there is a manufacture. And you recollect, how at us the input(entrance) in shop looks: a fence with a barbed wire, checkpoint with the terrible watchman... Here us, on the one hand, have asked to not photograph, the pier, suddenly it is not pleasant to customers, on the other hand, it is available an open input(entrance). In general Japanese - people friendly (we after arrival long weaned from not bowing each time at a meeting), but донельзя pedantic. If, for example, the bus for two - three minutes is late, with them almost the hysterics happens.
- whether any contracts, agreements on results of the given trip were made?
- while is not present. But the purpose is achieved - we have prepared information channels, we shall tell so, a gate for an input(entrance) of the Russian small business. A result of our trip became opening representation " SUPPORT of RUSSIA " in Japan which members became the Russian businessmen conducting business in this country. Besides negotiations with official structures were carried out(spent).
- what questions were mentioned at conference?
- at conference it was strict six acting - at Japanese in general all strictly with the rules - on three from each party(side) which serially told about the business - experience in one of three branches named by me. In particular, my report was devoted to a theme of autocomponents. At Japanese, certainly, all was plentifully supplied with diagrams and tables... But me, probably, has carried that I татарстанец, and in Tatarstan am Камский industrial park " master " where small manufactures автокомплектующих for large business are just concentrated. This platform for Russia really unique. In a result, having shown Japanese, that we too not are embroidered with a bast, we have offered them to arrive with reciprocal visit to Tatarstan, and those with pleasure have accepted the invitation. It has successfully turned out - and republic presented, and to itself have invited.
- whether the Japanese businessmen complained of any administrative obstacles preventing them to do business?
- at me the impression was created, that Japanese or are absolutely not inclined " to bear(take out) rubbish from a log hut ", or at them really all it is good. We half an hour пытали them it is very serious - and as corruption making and so forth - they simply did not understand about what we speak receptions of the sanction, access to large-scale contracts. It is possible, the matter is that at the Japanese business the system of accommodation of orders is specific to us: the regional point collects offers, and directly the decision above makes. " We eight years negotiated, and now the large company places with us orders ", - with pride the Japanese - the representative of small firm on manufacture of autocomponents told to us. The matter is that at them multilevel system of deliveries: numerous subsuppliers, and the status of the supplier is deserved by only long-term stable work. All so зарегламентировано - literally all life of the Japanese goes strictly under the rules.
- we speak about the Japanese analogue of the state order?
- you know, well such, as a matter of fact, "Тойота"? Though the company completely private(individual), for the Japanese economy their order - as our state order. But in Japan there is no concept of the state order. And so, want trust, want - is not present, but organizers of our trip, seaside branch " support ", there before our arrival the whole month left. And too told about unsuccessful attempts to explain to Japanese "headache" of the Russian business. For example, we ask Japanese: " As at you infringements in sphere of quality, for example, meat are prevented? Fine there or still as? " They long did not understand, but in minutes twenty one has lit up and has told: " Yes - yes, at us some years back a case were! One has passed(missed) poor-quality meat, and at the following level a marriage(spoilage) have revealed. Well when the infringer have called to account, it(he) it is simple to itself a harakiri has made ". And, looking on them, I have believed.
- yes, without comments. And what you has surprised in Japan - besides local business - mentality?
- for example, that in hotels there are no safes. A problem of criminality there very much levelled, we shall tell so. Clearly, that all with itself drag dust. Struggle against smoking - smokes people in strictly allocated(removed) places. That on sidewalk you will not see any stub, I think, obviously. In a taxi it is possible to pay... A credit card. And one more curious supervision. In streets and in hotels everywhere there is such corrugated path of yellow color - сантиментов twenty five in width. We long could not understand, what for she(it) is necessary, puzzled. The answer was unexpectedly simple: it is a path for blind. Understand? Other level of the attitude(relation) to and to associates. Besides in the same Ниагате I did not see automobile пробок. Though to not tell, that were dear(expensive) there wide (and whence him(it) such to undertake, at the limited territory?), Or it is not enough automobiles (population Ниагаты is comparable to the population of Kazan - 2,5 million). Well and, certainly, the strong impression was left with avenues of a blossoming Oriental cherry (our trip was came just for the period of its(her) flowering) - as if гроздья fragrant pinkish foam hang at you above a head.
- we shall return to humdrum of life. How support of small business in Japan is organized? There too there are a different sort committees, funds, enterprise associations?
- you know, they for development of business have all tools: both commercial and industrial chamber, and the associations created by a principle клубности, both funds, and really accessible credits, and access to technologies. At municipalities departments on work with small and average business are created, officials constantly drag businessmen on exhibitions, sponsor them on budgetary money that those have free-of-charge visited - at Japanese in what support of business consists. And at the presence of the representative of municipality we пытаем businessmen: " And to you these exhibitions in general are necessary? " They so bewildered on us glance: " Well, certainly! " In Japan support of small business exists as something self-evident: there are many small and average companies, they pay taxes, and the better they have business, the more taxes will receive the state.
- that is small business in Japan has all opportunities to survive without state "crutches"?
- and there for business there is no such word - "to survive"... Japan - very rich state. They, for example, in the beginning of crisis to the population it is simple so have distributed on two hundred dollars. To everyone. To turn маховичок economy, understand? And one more example about support of business. There were we at one enterprise, to us his(its) director tells: " I Wanted to reduce in crisis of workers. And officials have told me - it is not necessary to reduce, we to you shall pay 70 % from their salary ". Our businessmen, clear business, at once begin пытать this poor fellow - Japanese - the pier, what package of documents for this purpose to you should be collected, and so on. That answers: " I have written the application for three months, money gave ". We do not lag behind: " it Is clear, well and what package of documents? ". The Japanese has absolutely become puzzled: " In sense? I you see have written already the application, for what you still speak? ".
- you mentioned, that for Japanese such concept as corruption, basically it is not actual. Why? Probably, at them rigid punishments for similar crimes are stipulated?
- no, I do not think. In my opinion, besides features of mentality, the thought over circuit excluding an opportunity of corruption here works. Absence of contact to the final supplier basically sweeps aside the corruption moments. Easier speaking - to whom to give, if here collect the order, it(he) leaves upward where it is made a decision? The same purpose at us try to reach(achieve), introducing electronic tenders in sphere of the state order. But at us it turns out, that the electronic platform "knows" also the one who delivers, and the one who will win. Electronic tenders is very good задумка but when the parity(ratio) of the price and quality is not defined(determined) at all, and also there is an opportunity of "sharpening" of criteria under the concrete supplier, there are serious problems.
- whether there is in Japan an antiexclusive service, the antiexclusive control?
- you know, I think, that such problems (corruption, infringements of a competition), as well as their decision with the help of the appropriate structures, in such advanced and высококонкурентной to economy as Japanese, exist. But, probably, they already for a long time went on a level of a narrow circle very much высокобюджетных the organizations and do not mention 90 % of the Japanese businessmen.
- whether the theme of tax burden on business rose?
- no though we asked. At all only Japanese, but also other businessmen - foreigners do not support this theme - I do not understand, why. Can, it at them such display of patriotism... Anyhow, the theme has remained closed.
//* A source of the information: Time and Money, 02.06.10