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Small business works not under the program
It is more than half of businessmen of nothing know about supports of small business on which has passed 40 billion roubles. Participation in programs have declared only 3 % interrogated " Alliance " businessmen.
It Is more than half of representatives of small business of nothing heard about the financial support of small business which are carried out through the Russian bank of development. The data of the interrogation which has been carried out(spent) by a profile portal testify to it " Alliance ". In interrogation have taken part more than 3 thousand representatives of small business. 56 % of respondents have declared, that nothing know about the program of support of small business. 30 % assert(approve), that know about its(her) existence. 3 % of the interrogated businessmen have declared the participation in this program.
All under program on support of small business it was allocated about 40 billion budgetary money, branch experts have told This money were listed by an autumn of the last year on accounts . distributes(allocates) money through banks - partners which, in turn, give out credits to small enterprises with the smaller interest rate, than on the average on the market.
The President of the Russian microfinancial centre Michael Mamuta positively estimates results of interrogation. " It Is high knowledge. To consider its(her) low there are no bases. The total amount of credit debts of small and average business before banks makes about(near) 2,5 roubles. The total amount given means makes about 1,3 %. And 3 % use. Probably, the picture adequate, she(it) quite corresponds(meets) to selected volumes of means "? Michael Mamuta has told
Last one and a half year conducts active promotion of the program of financial support in small business, vice-president of National institute of system researches of problems of business Vladimir Buev marks. " It Is clear, that it will be the postponed effect of recognition. For one and a half year of 44 % of recognition it already not bad. Work with regional banks complex(difficult) enough, it is necessary to look their financial stability and so on "? Vladimir Buev speaks.
Because of limitation of the means allocated on the program, scope can not be big. " If to take all quantity(amount) of subjects of small business is a 4,6 million together with average and individual business. If money to break on 4,6 million, on how many roubles will receive everyone? Scope can not be big because there are restrictions in means "? Vladimir Buev speaks.
The State support of small business in regions almost does not work, experts in the report " concluded Small business in regions of Russia in 2009 ". " The Volume of poured in budgetary funds has not an effect in any way for a level of development of small business in regions "? Vladimir Buev makes comments on conclusions of research.
Moscow businessman Roman Zhigul'sky of nothing heard about the program of support of small business . " When I have addressed in the bank for the credit, to me have told: yes, there is a cheap credit, you can take it(him) for one year under 17 % annual, but it is necessary to take not less one million, because administration of this credit dearly. One million is not necessary for me. It turns out, small credits can be taken only in microfinancial agency, where 27 % annual "? Roman Zhigul'sky speaks.
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