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The program on struggle against unemployment for 4 months has helped to open 36 thousand Russians the business
Almost 40 thousand Russians in January, - April 2010 have opened the small business in frameworks Rostruda Jury Gertsy has informed on Friday the chapter.
" We have considered - from the beginning of year of 36 thousand person have opened the business ", - has told Герций after signing the agreement on assistance of self-employment of the unemployed, development of small business and support of small business between Рострудом, the Russian microfinancial centre and public organization " SUPPORT of Russia ".
On words Герция, the most popular directions among beginning(starting) businessmen are the agricultural production, construction, rendering of services, and also repair of automobile engineering and information and computer technologies.
It(he) has reminded, that within the framework of the program on struggle against unemployment the state gives out each unemployed which will decide to open the business, the starting capital at a rate of 58 thousand roubles.
Герций has informed, that businessmen at whom it has well turned out to begin the business, in most cases continue to be engaged in him(it). " Закрепляемость on different regions - from 70 up to 98 % ", - it(he) has told.
In turn, the president Sergey Borisov has noted " SUPPORT of Russia ", that in 2009 in connection with crisis the quantity(amount) of small enterprises in the Russian Federation was reduced to 20 %, and the quantity(amount) of average - has increased on 27 % for the account сжимания large. The microenterprises began more on 29 %.
Among the basic problems with which small businessmen collide(face), Borisov has named impossibility to get in trading networks. For this reason, as he said, in Russia it is necessary to make active construction of special complexes, fairs of a day off on which the businessmen making production, could realize her(it). " About 6 % from proceeds the businessman spends for overcoming of barriers. It is huge figure ", - has noticed the chapter " SUPPORT of Russia ".
Besides Borisov considers necessary to organize in high school teaching of bases of enterprise activity. " In the Great Britain in this subject schoolboys hand over even graduation examination. To children speak: " Guys, it is not known, where you will work - in civil service or in other sphere, bases of business will be useful in life ", - it(he) has noted.
From its part, the chapter of the Russian microfinancial centre Michael Mamut has noted, that the nearest two - three weeks the State Duma pass in the second and third readings the law on microfinancing according to which businessmen can to take small credits for the organization of the affair.
" In 2009 in 43 regions of Russia the centres of microfinancing were open. In 2010 their quantity(amount) вырастет up to 56 ", - has told Мамут. As he said, volumes of crediting of this program in 2010 will make 5 billion roubles.
//* A source of the information: MFD.RU, 04.06.10