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In St. Petersburg liquidate hypothetical " one and a half stall "
From St. Petersburg about underground Chkalovskaja began trading pavilions belonging to businessman Alexey Tret'jakovu. On casual concurrence, all some days before the governor of St. Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko has scarified independent Townspeople's advice(council) on small business in which creation Alexey Tret'jakov accepted.
" Have started liquidation in 7 mornings and to tomorrow's evening plan to finish ", - the general director belonging to Alexey Tret'jakovu " has told , Firms Salute ".
The Prevention(warning) that liquidation of pavilions in the morning will begin, nobody received, tells .
" Judicial hinted, that the administration of area of the seventh will begin pavilions, but official we did not receive the notice. But all the same have warned dealers that that had time to take out the goods ", - speaks . Dealers - about 30 businessmen - have obeyed and have quietly left.
The History with liquidation of a trading zone of Alexey Tret'jakova lasts five years: the company is judged with for the right to rent the ground areas under pavilions. " has submitted the cassation, and the decision 13 arbitration courts, about a delay of our eviction till August, 31 " was cancelled, - tell in the company.

The Company hoped to defer crossing(moving) for 3 months, but last days the history of eviction of a trading zone has received unexpected dynamical continuation.
June, 3, in at session of Public advice(council) on development of small business at governor Valentine Matvienko has quoted a material of " Business St. Petersburg " about creation of Townspeople's advice(council) on small business, having named advice(council) false and that at organizers new all of " one and a half stall ".
To One of co-chairmen of new advice(council) began just Alexey Tret'jakov. On Monday these hypothetical " one and a half stall " have waited the liquidation.
The Administration of Petrograd area more than once marked, that on a place of a trading zone at the underground will appear green where will put benches and will break beds.
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//* A source of the information: DP.RU, 07.06.10