News from 06/08/2010 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
How in intellectual "broth" технопарков to catch interesting idea?
The history технопарков in the world totals more полувека. In Moscow they have appeared at the end of the eightieth years of the last century, but promptly increase the potential. To tell the truth, despite of presence about three tens the structures naming технопарками, this serious rank is real justify unit.
The First technological park focused on development of high technologies, has appeared in middle of 50th years of the last century in California on site Стэнфордского of university. His(its) first enterprises leaned(based) on development of research groups of university. To realize their innovational projects, the group of financiers for the first time has applied венчурное financing. Today in the park considered as one largest in USA, 80 companies, including such giants as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed and so forth Region where it(he) is, have named Силиконовой a valley work. And the quantity(amount) технопарков in USA comes nearer to two hundreds.
Probably, the same future waits also Moscow. Its(her) history технопарков began not so long ago. First them created at high schools, under their research collectives, and they were focused on business not that is why in support of innovational small enterprises were not engaged. When at the end of 90 situation with innovations (is more true, with their absence) in Russia became catastrophic and the advanced NTR country in area basically began no time to live due to import, authorities have rushed to correct a situation. In Moscow in 1997 have accepted the program of support and development of the small business, providing and creation технопарка. And since 2005 in Russia the presidential program " has earned Creation in the Russian Federation технопарков in sphere of high technologies ".
Why технопарки all over the world are practically doomed for success? The matter is that in them environment(Wednesday) where experts in various areas communicate and exchange ideas is formed a special sort высокоинтеллектуальная. In such intellectual "broth" completely unexpected inventions, навеянные stories of colleagues from other areas of a science about the problems more often are born. Due to this feature at all too successful firms which are taking place in stagnation or even crisis there try to take root.
Today, by different estimations, in capital works from 12 up to 30 технопарков. технопарк for development of hi-tech small enterprises capital authorities have decided to create the first in 1997. For him(it) have chosen scientific small town Zelenograda where there were many standing idle industrial premises(rooms) at the enterprises with the advanced infrastructure (the water, compressed air, ventilation, power, transport highways and so forth). And still there there were many small enterprises of scientific and technical sense and talented inventors. The city has redeemed the industrial case at one зеленоградского the enterprises, and in 2000 the scientific - technological park here has opened. On the oldest in capital to a platform of innovational small business was born and the set of inventions was realized. " Технопарк-Зеленоград ", located in a four-storeyed building, includes floor spaces (9,5 thousand sq. м), offices for small enterprises (1 thousand sq. м), exhibition and conference halls, meeting rooms and cafe. To the small innovational enterprises (them here 41) технопарк helps to deduce(remove) production on the market. For example, on behalf of Department of support and development of small and average business of Moscow there are more than 8 years organizes their expositions at the Russian and international exhibitions: more than 300 MT could show the development on a high level, and many have got strong international communications(connections) and have concluded contracts on delivery of hi-tech production. To capital small enterprises have helped to leave on the markets of Germany, Italy, Hungary, Holland, USA, China, South Korea.
One more direction of activity технопарка - the help to small enterprises in preparation for participation in competitions on reception of budgetary financing. Горзаказы thus have found 68 projects for the sum more than 10 million roubles. In технопарке work инжиниринговый the centre (helps to develop technical projects for the design and design documentation on installation of new engineering and introduction of new technologies), a consulting bureau of innovational business (legal support of innovational projects). Each MT has developed and has deduced(removed) on the market from 5 up to 150 innovational products!
Due to creation in технопарке the Moscow association of the small enterprises working in sphere of medical instrument making, медоборудование capital инновационщиков have presented in 16 regions of Russia which have concluded contracts on delivery of the equipment for the sum more than 35 million roubles "Технопарк-Зеленоград" became a member of the Moscow commercial and industrial chamber and uses its(her) potential for promotion of production of MT on the Russian and international markets.
The Idea технопарка has justified itself not once, and it is possible to be proud of achievements of local small enterprises: for eight years of work they have increased валовый volume of manufacture more than in 60 times! For example, one of "becoming independent" in технопарке the companies today became the leader in the field of security technologies and the winner of many national premiums. If 10 back here worked only 43 persons, now трудятся almost 200 engineers. And the company making the scientific equipment for нанотехнологий, in rather short term from small group of enthusiasts has turned to major concern with a world(global) name and became the leader in the Russian market scanning зондовых microscopes. In "Технопарке-Зеленоград" are going to create кластеры (communities of the small and average enterprises working in one or similar areas, grouped around of firms - leaders). Кластер " Safety of a megacity " is planned to place on base зеленоградских high schools, research-and-production firms and association of the small enterprises leading in areas нанотехнологий, biomedical instrument making, technologies of safety.
High-grade Moscow технопарк in which there is also a business - incubator where conducting minds(wits) of capital generate ingenious ideas, is in Строгине. The government of city has created it(him) in 2007, and today it(he) began one of the most attractive platforms for the small innovational enterprises. Here there is no neither trade, nor commerce - but to innovators offer to bring up from naked idea high-grade business. The approach to selection of small enterprises here a little other, than in Зеленограде.
- quite often very talented engineers, designers, inventors and scientists give out to the surface amazing innovative ideas. But the project should be finished up to the logic end, and it provides presence of the investor, the industrial and office premise(room), the advanced system бухучета, skills to operate the finance. At last, it is necessary to receive the patent for the invention and to protect the copyrights. That is to consult(cope) with odd enough and затратным a complex of administrative, financial and legal problems without what the most tremendous scientific and technical project appears only brilliant, but not sold idea, - general director ТП "Строгино" Sergey Teplov tells. - But the main thing that the product which will ripen as a result of introduction of the given project, at least twice exceeded analogues existing in the market on the parameters and characteristics. By itself, the projects which are not having of analogues basically, are welcomed especially. And defines(determines) a degree of perspectivity of the project representative expert advice(council).
If expert advice(council) gives "kindly" on the project, the competitive commission on granting in технопарке uninhabited premises(rooms) is connected. The companies or offer the individual businessman a place in a business - incubator - a premise(room) with offices "cells" where ideas "raise" and lead up to mind(wit). Today in incubator ТП "Строгино" трудятся 29 young companies working in different areas, but mainly in sphere информтехнологий and medicine. Besides and so-called преинкубатор, not providing rent of premises(rooms), but giving to the talented enterprises the opportunity to receive free-of-charge weight of services here operates, starting(beginning) from visiting trainings and seminars and an opportunity of an exchange with experience with residents технопарка and finishing the help in development of strategy of the company and the business - plan and in attraction of investments венчурных funds. Besides to businessmen select most favourable of huge weight of city programs of financial support of small business. All these services are accessible also to "residents" of a business - incubator технопарка.
One more form of support - preferential rates on rent of premises(rooms) in business - incubator ТП. In the first year the rent makes 40 % from the market rate, in the second year - 60 %, in the third - 80 % (in an incubator the company can lead(carry out) no more than 3 years). Thus all premises(rooms) are equipped with furniture, computers with an output(exit) in the Internet, phones and printers.
After an incubator of the company, ready to put the inventions on an industrial stream, will offer a place in another спецзоне технопарка - an accelerator where there are also industrial premises(rooms). In an accelerator of the company can lead(carry out) no more than five years that then to go to free market navigation. Besides for small enterprises in технопарке the service zone where it is possible to receive consulting, legal, accounting and other services works. It is possible to take advantage of expensive office engineering: копирами, color printers, плоттерами (the machines printing крупноформатные documents - drawings, circuits and so forth). Besides to residents технопарка regularly offer to participate in exhibitions of innovational products free-of-charge. Today in an accelerator works 20 companies.
Recently one of youth companies TP " Строгино " has submitted the application for the grant at a rate of more 700 thousand roubles to Department of support and development of small and average business of city of Moscow - for 4 years of work she(it) was beat out in leaders among интернет-agencies on selection of tutors. Having thought up new business - model of work with private(individual) teachers, the company has typed(collected) in the base of 35 000 teachers - фрилансеров. In технопарк "Строгино" the company has driven with the project of development of a интернет-platform for employment(occupations) with private(individual) teachers through the Internet. The pupil and the tutor here can not only find each other but also see, hear, draw on the general(common) board, share the screen, to not stand in the Moscow fuses for realization of employment(occupation).
Other company from ТП "Строгино" has created a clever control system of the personal finance which will help the usual user who is not having special formation(education) to raise(increase) the financial independence, to increase accumulation, to avoid problems because of credits and back payments. With the help of this service it is possible to analyze the financial condition to take into account all charges and incomes, also there is an opportunity to use a plastic bank card(map) which automatically will allow to take into account operations of the income and the charge in a personal study of the user to plan the family budget and to receive reminders on the important payments (ЖКХ, the phone, credit payments etc.). Similar service in Russia yet was not.
Today in a zone of a business - accelerator технопарка "Строгино" empty seats did not remain, but soon will put into operation 6 thousand more sq. m of premises(rooms). While such технопарк in capital one. Технопарки and the business - incubators working at educational institutions and scientific research institute (the Moscow State University, Курчатовском institute) - is not counted, as are created for realization of scientific projects of post-graduate students and scientific employees. But it is fast at small businessmen it will where be developed(unwrapped). The incubator in Зеленограде (now there there is a competitive selection of residents) starts to function. Recently in Moscow технопарке Nagatino i-Land first office centre where can be placed about 120 small enterprises has opened. And in immediate prospects технопарки, creating comfortable conditions for development of small business, it is planned to place in each district of capital.

//* A source of the information: Moscow Комсомолец, 07.06.10