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In Cherepovets the anniversary forum of the Union of cities of the Centre and Northwest of Russia was held
Choice of a place of realization so a representative meeting not случаен: here, in city on Шексне, the first documents of the informal union in the summer 1990 are signed. Then, in conditions of the first serious crisis of the federal authority, according to one of founders СГЦСЗР of Vologda governor Vyacheslav Pozgaleva (at that time the chairman of Cherepovets executive committee), to муниципалам has come " comprehension of necessity of association of efforts to change life to the best ".
Someone from participants of a forum has recollected one of little-known episodes of a domestic history. In heat of the first world war the Union of the Russian cities has managed to make that and was not possible to the imperial government, - to provide front all necessary. Certainly, scales and conditions несравнимы, but СГЦСЗР for 20 years of existence too has had time much. It not only adjustment of new economic, social and cultural communications(connections) in the country, after disintegration of the USSR actually born anew. The role of the union in creation of the bases which have defined(determined) a course of historical development of the state and all of his(its) institutes, including local self-management is not less significant.
Till now the best of practice and expert opinions of members СГЦСЗР - 25 municipal formations(educations) Vologda, Yaroslavl, Novgorod, Arkhangelsk and of some other areas (on a forum in Cherepovets 26-th member of the union became city of Kostomuksha) - are claimed by the state institutes of authority and used for increase of a management efficiency in the country.
Not up to holidays
Each meeting of members of the union - a good occasion for heads of cities for an exchange of experience, opinions, for direct dialogue with representatives of the federal ministries and departments, deputies and senators of Federal Assembly, governors, expert community. The Cherepovets forum did not become exception. Moreover, right now, in crisis when became obvious impossibility of continuation of a former policy(politics) of " manual management " quickly varying situation and исчерпанность traditional rectilinear scripts of development, demand for the new ideas, new vision of ways of the development, the new tools facilitating to cities advance was showed.
For this reason the major part of anniversary assembly of steel not celebratory actions, and a lot of meaningful dialogues практиков municipal both the government with experts and representatives of business. A series of such meetings the representative expert panel on more than has opened a vital topic: " Monocities of Russia. Strategic decisions and investment in new economic conditions ". Tone to discussion on rights of accepting party(side) was set by Vyacheslav Pozgalev. " I on the panel the first time. But for the sake of the native land of that you will not make - it is possible and to leave on the panel if only it was good people ", - the governor has told, having caused brisk reaction of participants. And the performance(statement) has proved, that local authorities are really ready to go on much for the sake of well-being of region.
For the beginning Позгалев has declared, that it is grateful to the crisis which has highlighted many problems, remaining in a shadow " громадья the current cares ". Crisis has forced regional authority to reconsider strategy of social and economic development, having made its(her) more pragmatic. The accent(stress) has moved on cities which, on a deep belief of the governor, " are the basic points of economic growth ". Strategy of city development are closely coordinated with общерегиональной the concept диверсификации economy on the basis of increase of competitiveness and инновационности production in concrete branch кластерах.
To the greatest degree it is important for monoprofile cities. To their number on Вологодчине it is possible to attribute(relate) Cherepovets, the Falcon and municipal district Krasavino. At everyone the problem features, but ways of their overcoming in a lot of approaches are similar.
So, strategy of modernization in Cherepovets consists of a combination of powerful investment programs of key economic branches (metallurgy and chemistry) with development of sphere of services through the accelerated growth of small and average business, and also large infrastructural projects and the new industries on created technological platforms. One of such platforms - the industrial park " Шексна ", called to become a basis of closer agglomeration of Cherepovets with the next Vologda and despite of crisis actively developing.
The Basic troubles of city of the Falcon - high dependence from деревообрабатывающего a complex, technological backwardness градообразующих the enterprises and scandalous backwardness of an infrastructure. The chosen strategic variant - sharp improvement of quality of life of city dwellers on the basis of cardinal modernization of the infrastructure synchronized with modernization of manufactures. Transition to release new импортозамещающих products, for example мелованной papers, and also development кластера industrial is planned, малоэтажного and wooden housing construction - it(he) should make a basis of one more industrial park - "Falcon".
Development of an infrastructural component in general is considered(examined) by a management(manual) of area as a universal key for the decision of problems of monostructural cities. Including Красавино. Here infrastructural problems (it is concrete - энергообеспечение) constrain development of effective manufacture on the basis of flax. And Красавино - one of key elements of the pilot project " Development of linen branch of the Vologda area ", the federal government approved at a level. The project perspective, designed for interbranch and interterritorial cooperation, integration of textile manufactures and the enterprises of agrarian and industrial complex with an output(exit) on the new grocery markets. Besides, in opinion of Vyacheslav Pozgaleva, the project bears(carries) not only economic, but also the big social "semantic" loading - formation of the centres of high-grade welfare life in small cities and villages.
Cherepovets, the Falcon and Красавино - different cities with the problems. But, the Vologda governor emphasizes, in conceptual approaches to their modernization it is possible to allocate the general(common) features: unity of control facilities, synchronization on time and resources, precise attachment to social and economic strategy of development of region.
Such qualitative coherence, просчитанность and, probably, the main thing - разделенность plans with representations of the wide public has not remained without attention of the federal centre. On the panel of a Cherepovets forum vice-president Vneshekonombanka, the head of working group of the government on modernization моногородов Irina Makieva has congratulated governor Pozgaleva: the plan of modernization of the Falcon appeared one of the best, and literally on the eve of a forum of premieres Vladimir Putin has signed the order about allocation to city of financial support.
However, the fascinating picture drawn by the Vologda governor, to the full has impressed not all. The professor of the Moscow architectural institute, the director of Institute of promotion of innovations of Public chamber of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Glazychev has entered polemic. It(he) has warned participants of a forum of illusions of two kinds: that today for моногородов it is possible to find projects, "сомасштабные" existing, and that new industrial productions are capable to solve a problem of creation of workplaces cardinally. First, for scale projects there are no resources. Second, in process of the valid modernization of manufacture employment promptly decreases.
Anything terrible in it is not present, considers Глазычев, and it is necessary to reconcile to it. A key question in the friend: where and how to borrow(occupy) liberated people? It(he) sees the unique answer: in work against each other - in sphere which in our country is still far from sufficient development. " We have got used to count, that the main thing is " iron ". It does not leave anywhere. However in it(him) there is no place for approximately 40 % of people. We collide(face) with this tendency everywhere. But at us a humane society. How to not lose this humanity and at the same time to find a normal place for set of concepts which we in cities while have not enough? How to expand sphere of service with people each other in wide understanding - as a chain of escalating of an internal (regional) total product? " - reflects Глазычев.
In his(its) opinion, not all monocities need to be transformed. For example, there is nothing terrible in monocities which "are entered" in system " subregional division of labour ". Intermunicipal interaction, on Глазычеву, understood as ассоциирование subregions, as the general(common) labour market, a grocery exchange and an exchange of services, - a key thing for the future development. And "to extend" it(him) only within the framework of administrative logic, the professor believes, will fail. Essential addition here is necessary: the dialogue machine " regions and cities, and inside city - "Is necessary" for administration and active, conceiving people ".
The deputy Minister of regional development of the Russian Federation Jury Osintsev has supported an idea on necessity of creation of such communicative environment which is important including for development of small business where the greatest number of workplaces will be created. And has still advised representatives of municipalities to engage in the decision of two essential problems(tasks): бюджетированием (" which it is now ugly inefficient ") and preparation of qualified personnel for municipal service.
" It Is my native land "
One more theme which, probably, could sound only in Cherepovets, - dialectic communication(connection) and interaction of city and transnational corporation basing in it(him). The director who has sounded her(it) of fund " Centre of strategic development " Northwest " " Vladimir Knjaginin meant, certainly, Cherepovets and mountain - metallurgical corporation " Северсталь " "registered" in it(him). Therefore also has addressed to the chapter of the company to Alexey Mordashovu with a question: " you realize what cycles of development of city and corporation frequently do not coincide? What a role of a staff of global corporation - a huge call for Cherepovets? What is the similar places should meet the certain requirements, general(common) for all which any corporation, even most patriotically adjusted, can change? "
Мордашов from the answer has not left. It(he) has made the phrase which has caused squall of an applause: " Cherepovets is a city which for me is the house. It is our general(common) house. I here am registered and I pay taxes, I was and up to the end of the days I shall stay череповчанином ". Then the chapter of corporation has developed the idea. It(he) has recognized, that the fact of "incorporation" "Северстали" in Cherepovets is atypical for modern domestic business. But it is historically caused - the city developed together with metallurgical combine which till now remains a key active of the company becoming global. Yes, the role of Cherepovets as global corporate centre has increased. Probably, it(he) yet in all corresponds(meets) to it(her) (not casually the company has still corporate office in Moscow). But Мордашову it would be desirable, that the city in all senses "grew" up to the status faster, and it(he) sees presence of the main condition for this purpose is it the townspeople combining a high level of qualification and formation(education) with activity and амбициозностью: " Here many the talented people, capable to give result ".
However, optimism Мордашова подпитывают not only fellow countrymen. There is a full mutual understanding between management(manual) "Северстали" and heads of city, region. In any measure it is facilitated by that, as the mayor of city Oleg Kuvshinnikov, and even governor Vyacheslav Pozgalev - natives of numbers(lines) of топ-management of Cherepovets metallurgical combine. Anyhow, but also the city, and area in heaviest time of crisis have substituted shoulder "Северстали", having undertaken weight of cares and of a bulky social infrastructure of which most part меткомбинат has hastened to get rid, and about the metallurgists who have filled up army of the unemployed after " optimization of number " workers at the enterprise.
Мордашов has once again thanked the mayor and the governor and has promised, that "Северсталь" in a duty do not remain. As he said, it will be expressed first of all in change of the company becoming " more flexible, effective, competitive " to resist to fluctuations of a world(global) conjuncture and branch cyclicity. But not only. " The City closely connected to metallurgy, on the one hand, strong, - has declared Мордашов, - and with another - rather fragile. It is dangerous. But it opens also the big opportunities for диверсификации which becomes our general(common) priority the nearest years ".
Chapter "Северстали" is difficult for suspecting of insincerity: meanwhile the company actively promotes region and city in them модернизационных plans. A number(line) of practical acknowledgement(confirmations) of it are dated for last forum. For the beginning Alexey Mordashov, Vyacheslav Pozgalev and Oleg Kuvshinnikov have signed two documents, key for development of city and region. This agreement on cooperation and creation of city investment agency, and also the memorandum of intentions on cooperation in sphere of development of strategy of development of a museum " Manor Гальских ". In both cases the most active and direct participation of experts of the Moscow school of management СКОЛКОВО is fixed. By the way, this becoming already fashionable from submission of the president of the country the name sounded on a forum more than once: Cherepovets has chance to receive the slice situated near Moscow иннограда as creation of a centre of science for research of new marks of steel. In the centre created on principles of the частно-state partnership, "Северсталь" plans to enclose the order 1,5 billion roubles.
Oleg Kuvshinnikov (at the left) and Jury Osintsev have discussed problems of municipalities
The Photo: ИМА "Cherepovets"
This very day in 40 kms from Cherepovets opening the first enterprise in territory of industrial park " Шексна " - трубопрофильного a factory " Северсталь ТПЗ - Шексна " was held. On structure of the equipment and opportunities experts consider ТПЗ unique, anyway - for Northwest of Russia. The similar enterprises, capable to make constructional elements for modern industrial and commercial construction, here simply are not present.
For "Северстали" this project, the general director of Cherepovets metallurgical combine " Северсталь " Anatoly Kruchinin, - " forward realization of strategy of development high переделов has noted, allowing to redirect металлопрокат with спотовых the export markets on internal Russian ". For region as hopes Позгалев, it is a powerful push to development building кластера, based on the newest and economic technologies.
After that it not seems surprising the answer any more which on all Vladimir Knjaginina's same question on interaction of city and corporation was given by the mayor of Cherepovets: " I Think, that presence in city of the large enterprises of companies " Северсталь " и "ФосАгро" - the blessing. Effective communications with their heads, on the one hand, and with a management(manual) of area - with another, has helped to prevent in heat of crisis accident. We are ready to the following stage - to postcrisis development. We have precise plan of decrease(reduction) of monodependence, attraction of investors, development of new economic directions, housing construction for attraction of people from depressive regions.
Particles of experience
Experience of postcrisis planning Cherepovets and in the whole of the Vologda area, their approaches to modernization were the focus of attention forum СГЦСЗР. It does not mean, that it is nothing other delegates was to tell, there is nothing to share. Many municipal management interesting concerning tools, development of an infrastructure participants have heard from colleagues from Tver, Pskov, other cities of the union. Experts represented for discussion the best examples from world(global) practice, from life of Stockholm, Helsinki, Hong Kong or Seoul - cities with such quality of comfort which, under Vyacheslav Glazycheva's frank statement, " hardly goes in ".
Actually, of such particles of the and extra experience also there is that efficiency which, according to the assistant to the mayor of Cherepovets Sergey Ananenko, " is a question not only economic, but also representing political interest ".
And still examples череповчан were more evident and indicative. Therefore even, that within the framework of one region the history and the modernity(present), traditions and innovations, an industrial reality and bent for still badly mastered at us world(global) тренду - to a postmodernist style were left. Probably, to the full all this was showed on central for a forum a round table under the name " Forsajt cities: technology of construction of long-term vision on the basis of wide public participation ".
In itself форсайтинг it is extremely perspective as a method of strategic designing of the future, folding of his(its) vision from set of blocks "пикселей" private(individual) sights, plans of the big number of interested people - city dwellers. But it as discussion has shown, completely not unique way. Yes, it(he) was chosen with industrial Cherepovets. City which, according to the coordinator of the project " Форсайт Cherepovets " the rector of Cherepovets university Dmitry Afanas'eva, has reached(achieved) limits of the development not only in economy, but also in thin cultural - mental sphere: the profound research has shown, that very much many in city already any more do not want to live in former " working settlement ". More and more actual there is an alternative: or to leave, or something to change.
New strategy of development of city provides gradual transformation: smooth, but steady transition on the basis of development of present key economic branches to a new postindustrial way of life - "clever", "digital", "creative". It is that way which in due time and with different speed was passed with such cities as, for example, Питтсбург, turned of steelmaking capital of USA in a large world(global) centre of science. Or the British Liverpool, difficultly, painfully leaving with the shipbuilding for the sake of prospect still mysterious for many " creative technologies ".
The most valuable, that distinguishes Cherepovets "Форсайт", the member of public advice(council) of the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation Alexander Shterman has noted, it is his(its) support on principles of the частно-state partnership which already passes on " complex(difficult), but very important " a level of concrete tools of interaction, study of real business - plans. By it "Форсайт", perhaps, it is especially interesting to representatives of other cities of SGTSSZR.
Not a secret, that it is rather difficult for territories to entice to itself serious investors. They go in places with faster revolution of the capital and a short time of recovery of outlay of the enclosed means. To put it briefly, there, where the profit and less expense, including for development of a necessary infrastructure is higher. In Cherepovets one of the basic means of struggle in a competition for private(individual) investments, for participation in various federal programs, for preservation of workplaces see new city investment agency. The agreement on his(its) creation was signed just within the framework of a forum of cities. Activity of agency should become the important addition to the complex investment plan for development of city with his(its) orientation on диверсификацию economy and change of quality of the city environment.
Long-term projects
What can be results of work of the new structure created in close interaction "Северсталью", employees and students of Moscow business school СКОЛКОВО, evidently shows opening a factory " Северсталь ТПЗ - Шексна ". "Северсталь" has enclosed more than 100 million dollars of investments in walls and the unique equipment for the country of the hi-tech, modern manufacture created at all(completely not) in a pure(clean) field. Birth of the enterprise was preceded with the big spadework. The region at essential support of the federal centre has done the utmost, that for the beginning in Шексне the industrial park with a powerful infrastructure that the enterprise did not test problems with a manpower and logistic that to it(him) it was worked comfortably in conditions of stable tax regional privileges has appeared.
The Same preliminary preparation becomes one of the major cares and new Cherepovets agency which, on a plan of founders, should become an original layer between investment community and city. The structure of agency "is sharpened" under the decision of the main problems(tasks): the help to local business - the first to " a point of growth ", attraction of external investments and development(manufacture) of mechanisms of interaction of authorities and investors. In it will be engaged a department of marketing, " коммуницирующий city in an environment ", the department of consulting conducting the investor from signing of the agreement with the mayor and further - before delivery of the project on a turn-key basis, and the department of design support directly responsible for realization of this or that project.
Certainly, инвестагентство - the project long-term and demanding serious investments on the part of city. For five years it is planned to enclose in his(its) organization about 106 million roubles. Oleg Kuvshinnikov is sure, that the city is ready to this, that it - the shortest way which already go in a number of the Russian regions, achieving appreciable results. And in Cherepovets hope to involve for пятилетку not less than 6,5 billion roubles of investments and to create about 600 new workplaces. Approach(approximation) these control parameters and receipts of the tax to incomes of physical persons become the main criterion of an overall performance of agency.
At agency already is on a sign пул the investors who are were interested in Cherepovets opportunities. In particular, tourist object popular in city - a museum " Manor Гальских " and adjoining to it(him) territories. The management(manual) of Cherepovets even has found necessary to allocate object in the separate program of development tourist кластера with participation of the government of area, all of the same "Северстали" and business - schools SKOLKOVO. Probably, this direction can become the first for Cherepovets investment break. Anyway, according to the director of programs in state and social spheres МШБ СКОЛКОВО of Alexey Germanovicha, at once some business - projects in the near future should appear, called to transform territory around of an architectural monument into the recreational zone attractive for череповчан and visitors of city.
//* A source of the information: the Expert Northwest, 14.06.10