News from 12/11/2003 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
In St. Petersburg the International Fur Auction is finished
The international fur auction organized by Open Society " External economic association "Союзпушнина", is finished December, 10 in the Petersburg Palace of furs on the Moscow prospectus.
As have informed РИА "News" in the press-service of Open Society " Союзпушнина ", on tenders the collection from 25 thousand шкурок the sable which have been brought up on зверохозяйствах of Russia - the Moscow and Leningrad areas was submitted. Production represented also зверохозяйства Republics Tatarstans.
Besides on tenders were submitted 100 thousand шкурок minks, about(near) 50 thousand шкурок песца, 10 thousand шкурок хоря and 5 thousand шкурок the silver-black fox. This quantity(amount) has considerably exceeded volumes звероводческой the furs exposed on December auction one year ago, have noted in the press-service.
Besides on auction the trade furs - columns, an ermine, a glutton was submitted.
Organizers of auction hope to keep the tendency of steady growth of sales of fur raw material which was shown with two past seasons in forthcoming season and also to involve in cooperation of new suppliers and buyers.
//* A source of the information: News of economy (РИА)