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Hotel revolution
The high class or small volume pay off fastly
ST.-PETERSBURG - Instead of tens new hotels which were supposed to be opened to a 300-anniversary, three have appeared only. However even such rate seems to participants of the market revolutionary. As in city has appeared about 20 mini-hotels.
In the beginning of December on Vladimir пр., 19, hotel " Достоевская " on 230 numbers of a level of " three stars " has opened. Investments in the project have made about 20 million " Гранд Hotel Emeral'd " on Суворовском, 18 (93 numbers of a level " five stars "), has flung open doors at the end of October. The hotel in cost 20 million is under the control of Russian company " Неваль " and enters into network Summit Hotels and Resorts. Reconstruction of a building on Pochtamtskoj street, 4, under hotel Renaissance on 100 numbers is completed by an autumn. Its(her) cost is estimated in 8 million. The previous decade in city has opened only two hotels - four-star Radisson SAS in 2001 and five-star " the Neva Oriental carpet " in 1993.
According to Roman L'vova, the representative девелоперской companies Caspian in St. Petersburg, occurrence of new hotels became possible(probable) due to initiative Смольного. In 2001 the order of governor N 70-ра which provided target allocation of buildings and sites under construction of hotels by a unitary market estimation has left. " The Purpose of the order was to facilitate reception of the real estate under new hotels to open them by one anniversary ", - speaks Lvov. " It Is necessary to recognize, it has not worked. It was the present boom, all have picked up sites under hotels ". The majority of the firms which have received then sites, did not understand, in what get involved. In result one projects and were not carried out, and others were tightened(delayed) on is unforeseen long term.
However, even successful девелоперы were compelled to correct terms. For example, the shopping center where it is located "Достоевская", in time was not connected to heat and to electric systems.
Company " Europe - hotel " planned to construct four cottages with apartments on Krestovskom island to summer 2003, but has transferred opening the next year. The general director "Europe - hotel" explains Andrey Mikeshin, that construction was tightened(delayed) because of backwardness of engineering networks, and also because of claims of Committee on госконтролю, to use and protection of monuments. Similar problems have collided(faced) and in " Гранд Hotel Emeral'd " which opening too should be transferred since May for October.
Most likely with introduction "Эмеральд" and Renaissance the niche of hotels of a class of the maximum(supreme) price segment will be filled, experts consider. " It Is possible, St. Petersburg still will swallow one - two hotels of a level " five stars " ", - speaks Lvov. " However it is obvious, that for achievement of balance in the market there are no hotels of a level " three - four stars " in city centre ".
" While we have opportunity to fill and [new] hotels [a level four stars], - Natalia Belik, the director on public relations of hotel " Corinthia speaks the Neva Oriental carpet ". - However if them begins more the market will make the business, and the prices will fall ". In its(her) opinion, now development should occur in the market of hotels of middle class.
According to Lvov, it is necessary for St. Petersburg about 30 000 qualitative places of accommodation of tourists, 70 which % will fall to hotels of an average level. Now, on official statistics, in St. Petersburg about 130 hotels in capacity about 30 000 places.
To the most successful in past year began, in opinion of experts, the segment of mini-hotels which " three stars " correspond(meet) to a level and is contained with some tens visitors. According to Alexey Musakina, the general director of Open Company " First company ", managing mini-hotel " Шелфорт ", this year has opened not less than 20 mini-hotels. On words Мусакина, all in St. Petersburg works about(near) 60 - 70 mini-hotels approximately on 1400 numbers. The market capacity, as he said, allows to open as much again. Approximately on 20 numbers it is necessary to spend for construction of one hotel from 1 million Charges pay off through 2 - 3 years only due to a rise in prices on the real estate in city centre.

//* A source of the information: Sheets, 18.12.03