News from 12/26/2003 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
Airenterprise "Pulkovo" sums up work for 2003 (Saint Petersburg)
Airenterprise "Pulkovo" has summed up the work of a flight complex for 2003. Transportations by own park of air courts of airenterprise "Pulkovo" for 2003 have amounted to about 2,5 million passengers, that is approximately 400 thousand persons more than parameters of the last year, press-service "Pulkovo " has informed to correspondent of NA REGNUM-NEWSpb.
Annual growth of transportations is the integral feature of activity of the airenterprise. Last year it was achieved, in spite of two circumstances which have complicated work of not only "Pulkovo", but also other air carriers. The first is connected to celebrating of 300-anniversary of Saint Petersburg, when within several days all regular flights of all airlines which are carrying out flights to Saint Petersburg and back were cancelled, and were received extremely hush-hush courts. The second - epidemic atypical pneumonias in China. Airenterprise "Pulkovo" was compelled to interrupt for some months the regular communication between Saint Petersburg and Peking and has recommenceā it only at the end of July.
Among priority international directions of airtransportations "Pulkovo" in 2003 there were Germany and France. Despite of practically full prohibition of flights to Europe of planes IL-86, on the given directions it was possible to satisfy demand and even to increase a volume of passenger traffic. On internal lines and lines of the CIS the growth of transportations (18 %) has taken place on the air-lines connecting Saint Petersburg and such cities as Arkhangelsk, Ekaterinburg, Anapa, Rostov, Nizhnevartovsk, Mineral Waters, and also Almaty, Kiev, Simferopol. Besides it the realization of the program on carrying out the air communications of Kaliningrad with the possible quantity of cities of Zauralye, Siberia, Far East and the south of Russia through Saint Petersburg was continued. The similar program was developed for Murmansk. The charter transportations of "Pulkovo" are still claimed. Last year their quantity has increased by 15 %. The innovation in the given kind of transportations has become the increase of flights in ski resorts of Germany, Switzerland, France and Turkey.
//* Source of the information: NĄ Regnum, 25.12.03