News from 10/15/2008 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
As financial crisis will be reflected on венчурном the market
The first International innovational forum, past October, 8-10 in St. Petersburg, has shown, that венчурные investors are not going to leave(abandon) this market and look in the future with optimism.
Skilled businessmen consider(examine) crisis as favorable time for investments and advise to hold a nose downwind.
" The Investors, had time to accumulate money and to generate funds prior to the beginning of this year, will use the moment. Crisis as has shown us experience of 1998, - ideal time for investments ", - is spoken by Eugeny Evdokimov, managing director on infrastructural activity of corporation ROSNANOju. It(he) offers investors to look narrowly at the young technological companies which now cost(stand) much more cheaply, than earlier.
It(him) the director under investments Russian венчурной supports Ян Рязанцев, the companies: " Now favorable time for investments. Authors of projects are ready to give the big share of actions(shares) for smaller money. Thus in conditions of crisis of a head инноваторов will work better ".
This year, on words Альбины Никконен, directors of the Russian association direct and венчурного investments, them was in 1,3 times more, than the submitted projects.
Инноваторы have already felt, that now not best time for an output(exit) from projects and reception large (it is more 10 million) investments. First of all it concerns foreign money.
Ivan Shishalov, the executive director of company " tele-m " (Nizhni Novgorod), has told to " Business St. Petersburg ", that shortly before crisis they negotiated with the investor from the Great Britain. The bargain the question was the sum of 1 million At last stage of negotiations was broke because of instability in the world(global) financial market. Despite of it, Ivan Shishalov trusts in the future of the new project for which development it is required to involve 15 million roubles.
" I Advise commands(teams) which have received investments to not panic and try to make a qualitative product. At an output(exit) from crisis demand for new technologies should increase. That who searches for investments, I advise to pay attention to funds which are supported with the state (the частно-state funds). There there is money, and they should spend them ", - Ivan speaks.

Source of the information: DP.RU, 14.10.08