News from 10/16/2008 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
According to the research which has been carried out(spent) under order --, about half of inhabitants of Russia consider, that the evolved prices for food stuffs rendered essential influence on their habits.
Besides Russia, interrogation was carried out(spent) in 26 countries, and all in research have taken part more than 27 thousand person.
About two thirds interrogated have declared, that the rise in price of meal, gasoline and an electricity have strongly affected their way of life.
To proceed(pass) to cheaper products it was necessary 45 % of Russians, and significant negative influence of a rise in prices on energy carriers is marked with 39 % of citizens of the country.
In USA the rise in price of fuel, an electricity and gas causes the biggest anxiety. 58 % of Americans speak, that the rise in prices in these spheres directly has affected their vital way.
More sharply others inhabitants of less developed countries who speak that him(it) was necessary to change structure of the grocery basket for the benefit of cheaper products feel on themselves growth of tariffs and to cut down the diet.
More than half of population of Panama, Philippines and speak Kenya, that began to eat worse.
In the advanced countries the situation is better, but, nevertheless, a share of what diets have decreased, is rather high. As them in the Great Britain rank itself of 25 % of the population, in Australia - 27 %, and in Russia - 20 % of inhabitants.
From the European countries the leader on number on cheaper products is the Great Britain, it have declared 36 % interrogated.
Results of research show, that about 70 % of inhabitants of the different countries are dissatisfied with actions of the government on restraint of a rise in prices on the foodstuffs.
The greatest number disappointed by authorities - 88 % - appeared in Egypt. In France sceptics it is totaled 79 %. As interrogation testifies, 78 % of Russians consider, that the government should give more attention to this question.
In China, in the meantime, two thirds interrogated assert(approve), that are quite pleased with how the government consults(copes) with a rise in prices.
Research was carried out(spent) by personal meeting with respondents, and also telephone interrogations.