News from 06/16/2010 (You Saint Petersburg - the Participant of System MMTS - welcomes " Fund of Information Technologies ")
What for to us this ПЭФ?
On Thursday XIV Petersburg economic forum opens. The number of his(its) participants is less, than the previous years. Now on a forum go not for the sake of тусовки, and with specific goals.
Except for a seen part of an iceberg - indicative signings of contracts and presentations - all last ПЭФы were glorified by extensive unofficial potential.
Public declarations quite often miss what business really achieves. True his(its) purpose on such actions - meetings with the high-ranking officials responsible(crucial) for destinies of the Russian economy.
Theme of modernization actively advanced still(even) in course ПЭФ-2007 Russian economy was poured out in 2008 in creation "Роснанотех". After ПЭФ-2008 the federal program of development нанотехнологий (more than 27 billion roubles) was authorized. It is uneasy to present, as directors of the Russian factories in a lobby of a forum were convincing, proving to management(manual) "Роснанотеха" exclusive нанотехнологичность the manufactures to get in the program. In any case, at the end of June, 2007 the law giving serious tax privileges to the companies was accepted, investing in an innovation - from the VAT were released(exempted) НИОКР. Further the state is more and more and stimulated business more to report about the done innovational work.
Other attempts of business to influence on tax legislations were not less successful. So, in 2006 on ПЭФ prospects of replacement of a flat scale of surtax on progressive seem relatives as never. However opponents of this idea till now hold defense.
Shortly before ПЭФ-2008 the government has ratified new техрегламенты on mineral oil, but rough discussions of this theme have resulted to that oilmen have achieved a delay of transition to the new quality standards of fuel.
One more not come true lobby - project on ПЭФ-2008 became reduction of number of officials in boards of directors of the companies with госучастием in the capital. Though management of these enterprises was possible manage support of first vice-premier Igor Shuvalova, the project as a whole has failed.
One more constant theme for discussions with officials in a lobby is state support both the separate companies, and the whole markets. The chapter of Open Society " РЖД " Vladimir Jakunin on last year's ПЭФ has demanded sharply to raise(increase) tariffs for rail transportation. Certainly, business has hastened with active counteraction to this idea. In a result officials had to satisfy all: tariffs are lifted minimally, and in exchange at the end of June from the budget of Russian Federation РЖД have received 50 billion roubles of grants.
It Is a lot of years on ПЭФ the introduction of Russia in ВТО is discussed. There are supporters and opponents of this process whom the arguments aspire to inform up to officials. On the last forum the top was once again taken by the last. Premieres Vladimir Putin after termination(ending) ПЭФ has declared, that Russia will reduce revolutions for a way to ВТО. And it(he) has named the prime purpose creation of the Customs union with Byelorussia and Kazakhstan.
Last year's ПЭФ it was remembered by public beating there is no time the richest Russian - Oleg Deripaski. Her(it) it is masterly - almost in a direct teleether - Vladimir Putin who has not gone on a forum has executed. On a background of these events participants ПЭФ actively discussed prospects of nationalization both own factories, and actives of the accessory manufacturers. Life has shown, that with rare exception these fears appeared vain, and threat of nationalization passed.
The Bank lobby actively discussed an opportunity creation of the state bank for transfer to it(him) of " bad duties ". This project also has failed - the state yet is not ready to pay for precritical risky decisions of private(individual) banks.
One of hottest themes ПЭФ-2009 - destinies Russian автокластеров. To autoconcerns, similar, it was possible to convince officials to wait a little for the period of crisis with increase of a level of localization at the Russian assembly enterprises. At the same time, in course ПЭФ has started multimonthly триллер " the Savings Bank buys Opel ". In a result the German factories literally at last moment have left hands Германа Грефа.
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//* A source of the information: DP.RU, 15.06.10