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Authorities of St. Petersburg have prepared a package of stimulating measures for development of small and average business
Authorities of St. Petersburg have prepared a package of stimulating measures for development of the small and average business renting the areas in business - incubators. The city will finance the current maintenance(contents) of premises(rooms) and will increase арендопригодные the areas of one of innovational incubators.
Creation of business - incubators is a result of realization of one of nine city programs of direct subsidizing expenses of small business. Essence of this program that the rent areas are given the companies at cost below market.
The chairman of committee of economic development, an industrial policy(politics) and trade (КЭРППиТ) has reported On results and plans for development of business - incubators of St. Petersburg for the current year Eugeny Elin at session of public advice(council) on development of small and average business at the governor of St. Petersburg.
As he said, the city will continue struggle against administrative barriers, that is to businessmen promise smaller red tape, in the budget of the next year will pawn charges on the current maintenance(contents) of premises(rooms) of business - incubators. " In general business - incubators is a complex(difficult) and expensive system ", - Mr. Elin has noted.
Now in city carry out activity two business - incubators. The first operates Open Company " РЭО Service ", it(he) is to the address: street Sedova, 37, in business center " crystal " (on a photo). The second working incubator refers to "Ингрия" (the head office is located on prospectus Обуховской of Defense) and Open Society " Техно-park of Saint Petersburg " copes. The general area of business - incubator "Ингрия" makes 1 838,77 sq. m, 209 person there works. The general area of a business - incubator in БЦ "Crystal" makes 3200 sq.m.
Charges of city treasury on maintenance of work of these parks in 2009 have made 112 million roubles, this year is planned to master more than 100 million roubles. In press-service KERPPiTa mark, that these charges will be carried out in view of realization of project "Технопарк" Ингрия ". The project of creation технопарка "Ингрия" assumes construction of buildings by the general(common) area 320 thousand sq. m, it(he) will be realized in some stages till 2015. In territory технопарка it will be created more than 14 thousand workplaces.
Смольный began work from creation of the third business - incubator of industrial type to the address: Полюстровский the prospectus, 61, lit. And. The general area of a business - incubator will make about 11 thousand sq.m. In 2010 the increase of the area of a business - incubator on Седова on 1200 sq. m - these areas is planned, according to the general director of Open Company " РЭО Service " Victoria Bojtsovoj&, will be given the small enterprises working in sphere энергоэффективных and ресурсосберегающих of technologies.
The Business - incubator in the street Седова contains 29 companies, "Ингрия" has 24 residents. Both incubators are open for the companies working in innovational sphere.
In the government understand, that the companies working today in business - incubators are semifinished items. To estimate their activity officials are going by concrete results, namely: how many the companies business - инкубирования who from residents can involve investments can conduct steady activity in market conditions after passage and to become steady in the market (the question is public accommodation).
The Mechanism of an estimation of activity of companies - residents still should be debugged, Eugeny Elin has declared. It(he) has counted up, that for the budget the maintenance(contents) of one business - incubator manages from 500 up to 1 million EUR per one year. On the average creation of one workplace in a business - incubator makes about 10 thousand EUR, that is comparable to expenses for the similar purposes in the European countries.
Officials are going to finish an overall performance of working business - incubators then Смольный will make a decision on expediency of creation of new incubators for small business up to an indicative level.
The Citation:
Eugeny Elin:
- by way of the government of city to create not only business - incubators of office type, but also industrial. For example, reconstruction of a part of a building of оптико-mechanical liceum on Полюстровском the prospectus where the project of the first in St. Petersburg an industrial business - incubator will be realized in the near future will begin.
The Author: Полина Яблочкина
" The Building Weekly journal ", № 24 ( 416 ) from 14.06.2010