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1. For one period For the given period the report of the prices on the chosen goods in the chosen cities of region is given out.
2. On one goods For the given goods the report of the prices on the chosen cities of region in the chosen periods of time is given out.
3. On one city For the given city of region the report of the prices on the chosen goods in the chosen periods of time is given out.

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News ММЦ
 • 10/22/2008 11:56
The all-Russian forum " Strategic planning in regions and cities of Russia "
 • 10/16/2008 13:01
According to the research which has been carried out(spent) under order Би-би-си, about half of inhabitants of Russia consider, that the evolved prices for food stuffs rendered essential influence on their habits.
 • 10/16/2008 13:00
The real estate remains last shelter of the fine investor
 • 10/15/2008 17:51
Days of Saint Petersburg in Stockholm
 • 10/15/2008 13:00
As financial crisis will be reflected on венчурном the market
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