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Директ-marketing is set of the actions directed on

Директ-marketing is set of the actions directed on

Attraction and the subsequent deduction of the client by means of direct

Interactions with it(him).

ä¿ÓѬÔ-marketing is especially claimed at promotion of the goods.

            The most widespread methods of директ-marketing are: direct

mail (address post dispatches) and telemarketing, when a feedback or

Contact to the consumer we устанавливливаем with use of telecommunication.

Our company will select and identifies a circle of potential consumers under the project of the customer. In a result that circle of clients which provides a constant feedback, growth of loyalty in relation to the goods or service and, as consequence(investigation), repeated purchases or references(manipulations) is formed. Therefore and the attitude(relation) to databases for dispatch at us special. Using every possible sources, we create own databases, trying is exact to define(determine) target groups then sent advertising production falls into in the necessary hands with a high probability


The program of campaign директ the marketing, spent « Open Company Fund of information technologies » »


Ø      Statement of the purposes and problems(tasks) of Dm - campaign

Ø      Focussing of target group

Ø      Formation of address lists from an actual database

Ø      Drawing up of the advertising offer

Ø      Development of an original - breadboard model of the letter

Ø      Development of an original - breadboard model of an envelope

Ø      Manufacturing of information materials and envelopes

Ø      Packing, marks and delivery of the correspondence to addressees


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